The Iowa A.I.R. (Asthma, Indoor Air, & Radon) Coalition educates and empowers all citizens in their desire to have a healthy and safe indoor environment by consistently providing prevention, promotion, and protection activities across Iowa.
The Iowa AIR Coalition consists of dedicated members who devote their time and engery educating the public on the dangers and risk of radon in Iowa.  Some members can provide radon test kits and help you with your test results.  Members may also provide you with educational materials, seminars, and training on radon basics.  To find out if you have a member in your area and what services they provide please click the link below to view current membership list and contact information.
The Iowa AIR Coalition consists of members from public health agencies across the State of Iowa.  Coalition leadership is lead by the coalition Steering Committe which is organized by six regions across Iowa.  
IDPH Radon Hotline - 1-800-383-5992