I/3 Application Links

System Availability

Normal availability times:

I/3 Financial: 6:00am - 6:00pm
I/3 Data Warehouse: 6:00am - until nightly cycle is complete
I/3 Budget: Available 24/7

System Availability: All I/3 applications are currently available.

Budget Data Status

B9 and B12 report data: Balancing adjustments are updated after the last payroll charged to a month, and the last Financial transaction for the month have been loaded to Budget.

Payroll data for pay period 4 of FY2023 was loaded as of 3:15 pm 9/1/2022.

FY2023 pay periods 3-4/August balancing adjustment was completed as of 3:15 pm 9/1/2022.


System Notes

Internet Explorer is the only supported browser for I/3 applications. If your computer support is provided by the OCIO, a policy is in place that will open these applications in Internet Explorer if you attempt to use Google Chrome

For agencies that do not receive desktop computer support from the OCIO, it is up to your agency to implement the Legacy Browser support Group Policy. If your agency needs assistance with that, please contact the OCIO Service Desk.

Do you need Training?

Due to infrequent demand for this training, there is no set schedule for this session. Please contact keith.mcleod@iowa.gov to arrange training.

Check out the training page to view on-demand webinars.