I/3 systems are offline.  Use OKTA to log into Iowa Advantage or the new Data Warehouse applications.


This means that Department Folder Report Admins will no longer be able to make changes to existing Department Folder reports.  Any desired report changes will need to be tracked for now. 

When the new DW application becomes available on 03/18/24 Go Live date, updates can be made to reports.

Normal System Availability times:

I/3 Financial:  6:00 am - 6:00 pm
I/3 Data Warehouse:  6:00 am - until nightly cycle is complete
I/3 Budget: Available 24/7


Budget Data Status

B9 and B12 report data:  Balancing adjustments are updated after the last payroll charged to a month, and the last Financial transaction for the month have been loaded to Budget.

Payroll data for pay period 17 of FY2024 was loaded as of 8:00 am 3/5/2024.

FY2024 pay periods 16-17/February balancing adjustment was completed as of 8:00 am 3/5/2024.  


System Notes

Edge is the recommended browser to be used for all I/3 applications (Financial, Data Warehouse and Budget).  Chrome can also be used, but users sometimes will encounter weird behavior that cannot be explained.  

It is recommended that users do not use 'Saved Passwords' in their web browser settings.  This sometimes causes login issues.  

For agencies that do not receive desktop computer support from OCIO, users with web browser issues will need to contact their Department IT staff for assistance.

Do you need Training?

Due to infrequent demand for Procurement training, there is no set schedule for Training sessions.  Please contact keith.mcleod@iowa.gov to arrange Procurement training. 

Check out the training page to view other On-demand webinars: 'Basics of I/3 Financial' (Sessions 1-5) and 'Basics of I/3 Data Warehouse'

Do you need assistance with Vendor Document processing (VCCs and VCMs)?  The I/3 Functional team is responsible for VCC and VCM Final approvals.

For questions on setting up or updating VCUST records for Vendors, send an email to dasvendorhelp@iowa.gov.  Be specific with your questions, and provide details and documentation in the email request (like a completed W-9 form, a Vendor invoice, or copies of your correspondence with the Vendor).

Users can access the Vendor manual by clicking the icon called 'Financial' above.  The manual is called 'Vendor Search Create Manual (03-09-2019)''.