Welcome to Make It 101 @ 'Iolani School!

You were once a Maker, many years ago when you were a young child with a wild imagination! And maybe some of you still have that passion for curiosity and creativity. Either way, my goal as your teacher this semester is to help you, once again, find that inner Maker Spiritand to help it grow to new unimaginable heights.

So this course is ultimately all about YOU! You will be challenged to dig deep into that wild imagination and to think creatively. You will be expected to take risks and to FAIL often. But, you will find solutions to your problems as you design, prototype, test, and retest. You will work independently at times and collaboratively with partners. You will learn new skills and gain new knowledge, and you will share your ideas, projects, and final products with others beyond the classroom. Every project is considered open-ended, meaning only you will determine what the final product will look like and how it will function. And while having a final product is important, so is the path that will get you there: the designing, the testing, the failing, and re-designing, and the learning of becoming a “maker” once again.