Peter Dalglish


Peter Dalglish, a Stanford-educated lawyer, traded in a promising  legal career to work with some of the world's poorest children in conflict zones that included Darfur, South Sudan, and Afghanistan. From 2010 through January 2015 he was based in Kabul where he led one of the largest UN agencies in Afghanistan, directing operations across 20 provinces in extraordinarily challenging circumstances.  After the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa Peter was asked to join the UN’s first-ever medical mission, coordinating the urban response to Ebola in Liberia. He currently is assisting with earthquake recovery in Nepal, focusing on those communities that he has come to know over the years.Peter attributes his achievements with the UN to his front-line field experience in his 20's and 30's working with NGO's, living rough and earning very little money. His presentations will especially appeal to those students who are keen to explore alternatives to mainstream employment with banks and corporations, and who are looking for inspiration and practical advice how they can make this happen. 
Prepare to be provoked!

Titles and Outline:

A) Keynote:  "Heroes for Our Time"

Peter Dalglish has spent 30 years in the front lines of Afghanistan, Darfur,  South Sudan and Nepal designing and managing projects for some of the world’s poorest children. Among his most dedicated volunteers have been recent graduates of international schools in Europe, Asia and North America who have opted for a gap year before continuing their studies at university. Peter believes that international schools can play a key role in “preparing young people not merely for lives defined by materialism and consumerism, but rather so they are equipped and eager to address some of the biggest challenges of our age”. He often quotes Kurt Hahn, the founder of Outward Bound and the United World Colleges, who cautioned his own students about “the paralyzing effects of wealth and affluence.” 

B) Action Planning to Address the Issue of Street Children (student workshop): “Street Children: Lessons from the Front Lines”

Peter Dalglish, the founder of Street Kids International, is a leading authority on working children, street children, and war-affected children. In Khartoum in 1986, Peter Dalglish began the Sudan's first vocational training school for street children, funded by Bob Geldof of Band Aid. Pickpockets, petty thieves and housebreakers were transformed into carpenters, welders and electricians; the graduates were hired by local businesses.  In May, 1986 Peter Dalglish serving in the capacity of Emergency Coordinator for UNICEF set up a bicycle courier service run entirely by street children in Khartoum. The kids delivered mail and newspapers to offices that they once had broken into; along the way they learned the importance of discipline and hard work. In recognition of his efforts on behalf of destitute African children, in 1988 Peter Dalglish was selected by Junior Chamber International as one of the ten outstanding young people of the world. Inspired by the tenacity and ingenuity of young people whom society had written off, Peter Dalglish returned to Canada in 1987 to found  Street Kids International. Armed with $200, a borrowed office and an American Express card, he launched an agency that became a global leader in designing creative programming for poor, urban children. This presentation will focus on the importance of non-institutional approaches to the challenges posed by unaccompanied urban children.

C) Teacher workshop: “Following Another Path”

Peter Dalglish has inspired a number of educators to consider trading  in their conventional classroom environment for work—whether as a  volunteer or on a professional basis—in profoundly disadvantaged  communities in the developing world. This workshop will focus on  some of the practical issues associated with making the shift,  including websites to track for job openings, and some of the best organizations that teachers might want to join.