Dear colleagues from the Nordic region,

It is a pleasure and honour to invite you to yet another Nordic Network Conference, this one to be held in beautiful Stockholm from 22-24 April 2016.

The conference topic - Global Citizenship - cannot be more appropriate than during these days when the whole world is shaken by violence, extremism and human suffering resulting from it. And we shall not surrender to it. In the world of education, international schools have been and will continue being at the forefront in developing students who understand what humanity means and what beautiful and diverse shapes and practices it can take all around the world.

We believe that our array of guest speakers, including Peter Dalglish, world known humanitarian, and Stuart McLay from CIS who will hold a workshop on International Certification, will inspire us to dig deeper and explore further with our students and within our communities the concept of global citizenship. We also invite you to contribute to the conference by sharing your knowledge, skills and ideas, either as a participant, or a presenter.

The beauty of conferences that have a smaller, regional flavour in terms of their audience is that usually more participants from the same school attend. There is no better way of spreading the ideas further and having a more powerful impact than when colleagues team up and bring to their schools the excitement of new information and stories shared with colleagues from other, often close by schools. And in order to facilitate that spirit of sharing,  in addition to a rich professional programme, we are also preparing a varied and relaxed social programme. 

Stockholm International School Nordic Network team wishes you a very warm welcome!

Marta Medved Krajnovic, SIS Director

Welcome letter