After School Care Fall Term

August 28th - December 14th

Dear parents,

Welcome to the After School Care homepage. Here you can sign up for the After School Care(ASC), notify if your child will be absent or if you have a special request such as changing the day of care needed for a certain week. Please note that the registration is binding for the whole term.

When filling in the registration form, please make sure that you fill in all the boxes. The limit of students we accept per day is 20. Once you have registered for ASC, you will receive a confirmation email with additional information.

SIS offers After School Care for students in PreSchool-4th grade. The ASC runs Monday-Friday 15.30-17.00, starting August 28th and ending June 15th. You will be able to register your child/children to attend ASC 1-5 days/week. The total cost depends on the number of children you sign up and how many days a week care is needed.

1 day/week 375kr/month

2 days/week 750kr/month

3 days/week 1125kr/month

4 days/week 1500kr/month

5 days/week           1875kr/month

You will be invoiced for the full term. If you wish to pay a monthly fee, please contact the business office.


The ASC is held on the ground floor in the early years rooms and the gym. They are in different rooms each day.

Sometimes we might be in the back playground. 

Please ask reception if you are unsure where to find us.

The students must be picked up by 17.00 at the latest.

If your child is at school but will not attend ASC, please fill in the absent form on the ASC website. If your child is sick or absent a whole day, please follow normal procedures.

If your child will be absent due to a known cause (e.g. vacation) please inform the school a week in advance.

If you would like to switch days during a certain week, this is possible under the following circumstances:

  1. there are spaces left in ASC that particular day.

  2. You inform the school a week in advance.

Use the "Special request form" on this webpage for this.

Please note that if your child misses their ASC day/s due to sickness, vacation or etc, this will not be compensated.

The days when there is no school in the afternoon (e.g. PD ½ days) there will be no ASC. There is no compensation for this.

Parents/guardians must make sure to sign out their child when picked up. Make sure the staff sees you and knows you are picking up your child.

Siblings who finish after school activities at 16.30 are not allowed to join the ASC.

If your child has an after school activity they may not come to ASC that day.

Parents/guardians must fill in names and telephone numbers of people who may pick up their child in the sign-up sheet. This should contain the name of the person and phone number. The adult who picks up the child must be able to show I.D if requested by the staff on duty. Please note that only adults, 18+, may pick up students from ASC.

This is all due to safety reasons.

Please supply a healthy snack for your child/children to eat during ASC. The school will supply fruit for the students.

As always, please feel free to come with ideas and wishes of what you would like the ASC to incorporate.

Mrs. Vita Olsson - After School Care Administrator