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Projectile Motion

Projectile motion is a form of movement in which an object is thrown near the ground and travels in an arc path. For example, imagine a basketball player taking a shot. The ball travels in an arc and the only force acting upon its motion is gravity. The difference between projectile and free fall motion is that in the former we give an initial speed to the object by throwing it, while in the latter there is no initial speed because the object is simply dropped.

In this experiment you are able to explore how both the launch velocity and the launch angle affect projectile motion, while also investigating the the effects made by gravitational acceleration.
Make a game out of this experiment by trying to hit the target!

At anytime during the experiment you can test your knowledge by answering a series of questions. They are also a good tool to help you to understand the ideas behind the experiment better. If you have questions, be sure to check out the information page!