PhysicsOne provides fun, interactive ways to explore core concepts in physics. Our applications allow experiments to be performed right on your phone, making lab simulations available from anywhere. Test experiments in the palm of your hand that previously could only be performed in a laboratory!

Each one of our applications covers a fundamental topic of physics, ranging from Gravity to Optics, Electromagnetic to Thermodynamics. They allow for accurate and precise results because they are simulated in real-time according to real-world principles. Each experiment is accompanied by a set of questions to help guide you towards a better understanding of the theoretical concept demonstrated in each experiment. Find that the questions are too hard? Each experiment contains a scientific explanation to further explain difficult concepts and you can also return to the experiment at any time in order to retest a hypothesis!

Our applications are based on an experimental approach allowing you to test, see the results, and retest under different constraints in order to draw your own conclusions. This makes our apps the perfect addition to any school curriculum

Let us help you explore the world around you like never before!

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