InterPSS (Internet technology based Power System Simulation) software system is a free and open software development project. Simulation is key to enhancing power system' design, analysis, diagnosis, and operation. InterPSS fills a need for a simple to use, yet powerful in functionality software system. Simulation software currently in use are awkward, cumbersome, and, in general, neither interoperable nor grid/network ready. InterPSS is distinguished by its open and loosely coupled software system architecture. This architecture enables components developed by others to be easily plugged into InterPSS to augment its functionality, and equally important, allow its components to be integrated into other software systems. The project is currently under development by a team of developers living in the United States, Canada and China.

InterPSS project is based on modern software development methodology, using an object-oriented programming approach and the Java program-ming language, with no legacy FORTRAN code. It currently has already implemented AC load flow, DC load flow, short circuit, transient stability, distribution system analysis and DC-OPF, and will include protective relay coordi-nation, harmonics, dynamic (small signal) stability, reliability, and many other power system design, analysis, and simulation modules in the future. 

The InterPSS core simulation engine is an extension of the object-oriented programming approach for power system simulation, presented in Ref [1]. No static global variable is used to hold power system simulation data, and the engine is designed to be multi-thread safe. The underlying power system simulation object model is based on the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). The simulation engine can run on desktop computers, in a grid-computing environment or cloud-computing environment. 

  • InterPSS Community : The InterPSS Community provides a central collaboration site for InterPSS development team and InterPSS user community. 
  • ODM ProjectThe ODM is an Open Data Model for Exchanging Power System Simulation Information. The model will be defined using an XML schema. The project is currently sponsored by the IEEE PES OSS Task Force.
  • InterPSS Forum : The InterPSS Google Group provides a forum for InterPSS user to ask questions, report bug and request new features.

[1] "Object-oriented Programming, C++ and Power System Simulation", IEEE Trans. on Power Systems, Vol.11, No.1, Feb. 1996 pp206-216.