The IEC Common Information Model (CIM) concept is widely used to develop a common power system information model that can be shared and exchanged among different applications across operations and planning between utilities companies and, in the future, power trading companies to facilitate seamless power system information sharing and integration. Being a canonical power system information model, CIM is the foundation for integration of modern information systems in the power industry. Real-time integration of power system applications is not feasible without a common information model that can be understood by everyone (human beings as well as computers).
InterPSS OpenCIM attacks the above challenges and provides:
  • A graphical tool that shows all details of a CIM model or selectively shows only the interested/relevant part.
  • A Java-based tool with both GUI and API that can be run on any platform that has Java support.
  • An innovative RDF parser that parses huge RDF model files quickly and effciently.
  • A flexible open architecture model that can adapt quickly to different customized CIM models from different ISOs.
  • An OpenCIM API that can be used in any other power system applications in which programmatically managing CIM models is a requirement.
  • No need for expensive enterprise relational database software such as Oracle; simple and easy installation.
  • No need for high-end hardware. Parsing and displaying multi-GBs CIM models can be done on a professional laptop computer.
  • Intrinsic capability to seamlessly integrate with other power system information systems.