The power industry has many complex problems, such as, On-line real-time power system simulation, Economic dispatch, Cascading failure analysis, forecasting and CIM model processing. There is a common theme behind all the above challenges - allocation and coordination of large amount of computing resources, to make it even more challenging - in real-time. There has been a lot of money invested in researches in these areas, studying them as power engineering problems. However, if one thinks about all these problems just as "how to handle extremely large amount of real-time data streams and to make sense out of it",  One can't help but think, "How do the other industries handle similar problems?". After all, any major industry would have similar problems with the same or even larger scale, and the same or even higher criticality.

This is a quite challenging task:
  • It is hard to find people who are expert in both power engineering and IT.
  • The "main-stream" commercial power simulation software products became the major obstacle and simply cannot be fit into the new architecture due to their monolithic nature.
At InterPSS, we are trying to bring to the power industry the latest software technologies and methodologies that have been proved working in the other industries. The core of the InterPSS product stack is the InterPSS simulation engine, serving as a framework for 1) for power system solution providers to plug in their own simulation modules, and 2) for system integrators to plug in standard-based software infrastructures.

Over the last 10 years, InterPSS has been an open software initiative at the InterPSS Community. There have been over 20,000 downloads around the world, with quite a few case studies and user feedbacks. We promote "the InterPSS Way" to implementing software system integration projects in the power industry. While keeping the InterPSS Project an open initiative, we also offer:
In the future, we will keep building on top of our "InterPSS foundation" with other modules and components with a common vision. 

InterPSS Systems LLC is a limited liability company registered in Detroit, Michigan, USA. We promote the InterPSS solutions with a unique open architecture to the power industry's system integration challenges. Our vision is a seamlessly integrated power industry information system built based on information technology standards that reliably gets the right data to the right people with the right context at the right time. We are proud of our strong background and enterprise expirence in both power and software industries.