This sites enables you to collaborate on the research papers of the 1st Berlin Symposium on Internet and Society
Before you start commenting and annotating the papers, please read the following instructions regarding the netiquettes.

Where do I find the papers?
All research papers are listed in the navigation on the left hand side. As well as in the Agenda & Planning Docs.

How can I comment or annotate the a paper content?
If you click on a paper listed in the left navigation, you'll see a collaboration editor. Within this editor you can comment, annotate, share and download the paper by using the tools displayed in the top menue. 

To interact with the comments please click the small button on the top left corner, which will give you access to the comment bar. There you see the annotations of other readers. The first time you start the editor, you will be prompted with a very short introduction of the editor's main functions. 

What are the rules and netiquette?
In order to keep the collaborative review open and comprehensible, please respect the following guidelines:
  1. Please give yourself a name: If the side pannel is open you see a gray text "Enter your name". We rather prefer real names!
  2. There are three kinds of comments available (click the drop-down menu comment): Point-, Area- and Text Comments. We suggest you use the Text and Point Comment for texts and reserve the Area Comment for graphics/pictures.
  3. If you want to comment on an issue that is already commented by someone else, we would suggest to use the reply function.