Poetic Power Essay Contest

Class______                                                                 Fall contest - Proof signature due by Nov. 14th 

                                   Proof of Poetry Entry

1.___ Student turns in typed and saved poem to Mrs. Lorch

2.___ W h e n  Mrs. Lorch approves the poem, bring it home

3. ___Go on poeticpower.com, fill out the form, & paste poem in

4.____Have your parent read the poem before you press submit

5.____Have your parent sign the paper below and turn in


On  ____  ____, 2017 _____________________________________________ sent in a

                                                          (first and last name of student)

 poem to poeticpower.com or another site/address.  I, as the parent/guardian, checked the poem for spelling, content, and capitalization on the computer screen right before my child pressed the submit button.


                                     ________________________________                                                                                                                                  (parent/guardian signature)