Poetic Power Essay Contest

 Poeticpower.com- site to publish essays and poems 

Poetry rules: 
1. Poems must be the original work of the student
2.  Poems can be on any appropriate topic (no pro-violence, drugs, etc)
3.  Poems must be in English
4.  Poems must not be over 21 lines of text

Essay Rules:
1. Students must be in school (public, private or home school) in the United States or Canada.
2. Students can enter on their own or have a parent or teacher make their entry.
3. All entries must be in English and be the original work of the student.
4. Students can be in grades 3-12 for the essay contest.
5. Students can write on any appropriate subject (No pro-violence, pro drugs, etc)
6. Essays must not be over 250 words or 300 total words not counting articles such as "a, an, the, etc".
7. Essays must be non-fiction (no short stories or essays written as if you are a historical figure.)


                                   Proof of Poetry Entry

1.___ Student turns in a typed (and saved) poem to Mrs. Lorch

2.___ W h e n  Mrs. Lorch approves poem, bring it home

3. ___Go on poeticpower.com, fill out the form, & paste poem in

4.____Have your parent read the poem before you press submit

5.____Have parent sign the paper below and turn in Nov. 1-20.


On  ____________________,    __________________________________________ sent in a

                                               (first and last name of student)

 poem to poeticpower.com or another site/address.  I, as the parent/guardian,  

checked the poem for spelling, content, and capitalization on the computer screen right before my child pressed the submit button.



                                                                          (parent/guardian signature)