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Modeling Emerging Norms

March 6-8th 2013 at the Interacting Minds Centre 

A workshop with presentations, demonstrations, and informal discussion centred around the evolution of norms and conventions. More specifically, the focus is on how norms or conventions may arise as emergent phenomena and evolve in somewhat predictable trajectories, and how these may be modelled from various perspectives, i.e. ranging from computational to philosophical perspectives. One possible discussion may explore how the norms or norm-like behaviours emerge from repeated interactions among agents, and subsequently pinpoint the important factors in determining the trajectories of the norm-like interaction behaviour. The cognitive level of sophistication of the agents might affect the dynamic patterns of the interaction behaviours, thus the 'ecology' in which the whole process plays out might be a central parameter. For more on this and other topics, join us at the workshop by registering here:

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Andrea Perna (Uppsala) 
Christine Cuskley (Rome)
Claudio Castellano (Rome)
David Sumpter (Uppsala)
Elliot Wagner (Amsterdam)
Frank Esken (Salzburg)

Organised by Lars Bach and Karsten Olsen

Mario Romero (Uppsala) 
Pieter Wellens (Brussels) 
Robert van Rooij (Amsterdam) 
Viktoria Spaiser (Uppsala)
Vittorio Loreto (Rome) 
Andreas Roepstorff (discussant) 

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