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Introduction to Elicitation Techniques

IMC workshop 5.3. kl. 13.15-16.15
IMC meeting room, 1483,3.

Claire Petitmengin (Institut Télécom)

This workshop will give the participants a concrete idea of the "Elicitation interview method", a method aimed at collecting disciplined and precise descriptions of the lived experience associated with a given cognitive process. We will focus on the difficulties of becoming aware of one’s lived experience and describing it, and on the devices used by this interview technique to overcome each of these difficulties. We will also present the domains of application of this method.
C. Petitmengin (2006), "Describing one’s subjective experience in the second person. An interview method for a science of consciousness",Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, 5, pp. 229–69. 
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Limited number of seats available for the workshop, participation requires registration with Martijn van Beek <>

Claire Petitmengin
After studies in Buddhist philosophy and ten years of research and consulting in information system design, Claire Petitmengin completed her Ph.D. thesis under the supervision of Francisco Varela at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, on the subject of the lived experience which accompanies the emergence of an intuition. She is presently Professor at the Institut Mines-Télécom in Paris. Her research focuses on the usually unrecognized dynamics of lived experience and “first-person” methods enabling us to become aware of it and describe it. She studies the epistemological conditions of these methods, notably the conditions of validity of their results, as well as their educational, therapeutic, artistic and technological applications. Her research also addresses the process of mutual enrichment of “first person” and “third person” analyses in the context of “neurophenomenological” projects.