The tracker will use this SIM to send you SMS text messages and to report its position online. If your tracker did not come with a SIM plan, it is best to select a low cost pay-as-you-go SIM plan if these are available. 

Make sure the SIM is on a network that support 2G. Almost all networks support 2G, 3G and some 4G. 3G-only networks are rare. The major networks will support 2G. 

Before using the SIM in the tracker. Please test it first in a mobile phone to ensure that it can send and receive SMS text messages OK. 

Checking your tracker can connect to the network

1) Reset the tracker

    - Spylamp, press the small gold reset button under the red lens cover

    - Spybike, disconnect and reconnect the battery cap

2) A small network indicator led light will come on. This will be a green light on spylamp and a small light half way down the tube on spybike. 

3) Wait for a minute. 
    -    If the light goes off then the tracker connected to the network. OK!
    -    If the light starts to flash regularly at 4 second interval then the tracker could not connect

If the tracker could not connect, check the SIM card works in a phone. Check it has 2G reception. Try another SIM card.

Sending SMS messages to your tracker

 1) Wake the tracker (Spylamp, just turn the light on and off. Spybike topcap, wave the keyring briefly over the top so you see the blue light)

Whenever you do this, the tracker will wake up and connect to the mobile phone (GSM) network. It will stay connected for 5 mins. This is useful for sending the tracker configuration texts.

*Important If you do not first wake the tracker up before sending it texts then it will not reply to them immediately.

 3) Send the tracker the text settings (Send an SMS from your mobile phone to the phone number of the SIM card that you put in the tracker)


You will need to use your mobile phone to send the text to the mobile phone number of the SIM card you installed in the tracker


The tracker will respond with a list of settings. These are not important right now, we are just testing the tracker can respond. 

If you do not receive a text back, wait a little while and try again. If you still cannot receive texts then the tracker may not be able to connect to the network. Check that it has sufficient credit and you are able to send and receive texts from in it on a regular mobile phone.

SMS text messages are not always delivered immediately by the GSM network.


4) We need to give the tracker your mobile phone number so it knows who to text if it detects it is being stolen. Send the tracker a text like the one below.


setphone1 +44789123456 (replace with your own personal mobile phone number)


The tracker will respond with a confirmation message

Using the + area code syntax is useful in case your tracker is taken overseas (example. For the UK we ad +44, for the USA we ad +1 etc)

Getting your trackers location

You can retrieve the trackers position by SMS message. We will do this to test the GPS function.

1) Take the tracker outside where it can get a good view of the sky

2) Hold the tracker upright 

3) Wake the tracker (Spylamp, just turn the light on and off. Spybike topcap, wave the keyring briefly over the top so you see the blue light)

4) Send the text whereareyou to the tracker


The tracker will respond with a message informing you that it is attempting to get a GPS lock. It will try to get a lock for 5 mins. If it successfully gets a GPS lock then it will send you an SMS message with its latitude and longitude which you can enter into Google Maps and also a hyperlink which you can click on a smart phone to take you directly to the trackers position. If it cannot get a GPS lock then it will return a less accurate GSM location. (Based upon the nearby mobile phone towers)

Tracking on the internet

Before we can set up live tracking, we need to send the tracker a couple of configuration messages. The settings are based upon the GSM network you are using.

1) Please go to the following page to find the APN settings for the SIM card that you installed in the tracker

If you cannot find your mobile network there then you can usually find it online (ie Google "Vodafone Italy APN") or by contacting the mobile network directly.

2) Wake the tracker (Spylamp, just turn the light on and off. Spybike topcap, wave the keyring briefly over the top so you see the blue light)

3) Send the 3 configuration texts (as 3 separate SMS messages)


setapn yourapn

setuser youruser yourpasswod

setip 9201


substituting your apn, user and password into the texts from the link above


4) Send the tracker the text


The tracker will now test its connection with the tracking server. It will return you a success or failure.

*Note GPRS connectivity can be affected by network congestion and signal strength. You may need to try several times if this is the case.


5) Take the tracker outside and send the command



The tracker will attempt to get a single GPS location and upload it.

6) Go to the online tracking site on your computer or mobile phone. You will need to enter the IMEI number as your unique tracker ID. This number will have send to your phone when you sent the settings and whereareyou texts.

7) You can now view the tracker location on the website.

Typical Operation


It is best not to rely on SMS messages to obtain your bicycles position. These are not always reliable and your tracker may be "asleep" when you attempt to contact it.

It is best to rely on the vibration sensor. (See separate sections in spylamp and spybike manuals for arming and disarming the tracker)

Simply arm your tracker when you lock up your bicycle and disarm it when you unlock it.

Once you have finished this configuration, you should not need to send the tracker any more SMS messages