Our Difference

Integra Medical strives to remain at the forefront of the healthcare industry by establishing a robust scientific foundation for our products, with well-defined mechanisms of action and clinical proof behind our innovative probiotic-based products and therapies. By leveraging the latest advances in probiotics, microbiology and manufacturing technologies, and partnering with leading experts from the Canadian Centre for Human Microbiome and Probiotic Research, our R&D team designs groundbreaking products with the ability to improve the quality of life of millions of consumers worldwide.

Creation of Novel Classes of Synergistic Probiotic-Based Products 

Our R&D platform is designed to create novel classes of probiotic-based products with an unprecedented range of mechanisms of action, due to synergies between key active ingredients.

Clinical Validation of Our Strategically Designed Products 

A key aspect of our business model is our focus on proving therapeutic value and establishing credibility with physicians and other medical professionals for our products through clinical and pilot trials, publications in reputable medical and scientific journals, participation in medical conferences, etc. 

To appeal to physicians and other medical professionals and informed consumers, Integra Medical views clinical and scientific data as critical to substantiating the claims we make for our products.