English for 3rd of ESO students.
Resultat d'imatges de mosaic 3Resultat d'imatges de mosaic 3
Book: Mosaic 3
Teacher: Cristina Mallol
MatèriaInstruments i activitats d’avaluacióAssoliment de les Cb de la matèria i transversalsCàlcul de les qualificacionsRecuperacionsAvaluació final contínua (juny)Avaluació final extraordinària (setembre)Recuperació de la matèria pendent de curs anterior
AnglèsEvaluation activities per term:

Every term we will do 2/3 units of the book.

Each term students will be assessed by:

2/3 exams (1 per unit)

2/3 writings (1 per unit)

2/3 projects (1 per unit)

+ 1 exam at the end of EACH reading.

Comunicative, liguistic and audiovisual.

Artistic and cultural.
Learning to learn.
Autonomy and personal iniciative.
Interaction with the physical world.

This mark includes:

Exams (corrected within a week) & Readers’ exam or work (corrected within a week) 25%
Writings (corrected within a week) 25%
The personal web 10%
Projects 20%
Workbook 5%
Speaking in English & notebook 5%
Homework 5%
Group work, respect, participation 5%

The students will be able to retake exams in June and SeptemberFinal mark:

1st term 25%

2nd term 35%

3rd term 40%

Students will retake the whole subject and hand in the personal siteStudents will retake the whole subject
Course contents: