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Enguany hem fet alguns viatgets, d'aquells que es fan als instituts, culturals, de fi d'etapa... 
En fi els voleu veure?
Mira les fotos


Mira les fotos

My London Experience by Iris Martínez 1r Batx B

This experience for me was so especial and a good experience, although I had already been in London with the other school, but I liked it this year more because I have visited more museums and different places too.

I think that London is fantastic because there are a lot of people from different cultures and you do not feel like a foreigner.

The museums that we visited were very interesting and fun, they are not typical boring museums that you do not like to visit.

I think that the trip was very well planned and the visits too. The teacher who were with us were very friendly an very patient.

In conclusion, my favourite museum was the Wax Museum and of course The London Eye too. I would like to go back again with my friends!


My London Trip by Cristóbal Soto 1r Batx B

I really enjoyed the experience of going to London. The only bad part of all the journey was that it ended.

I really liked when we visit the British Museum because all the important paintings were beautiful and stunning.

I hated the food, it was all pre-cooked and very unhealthy. If you go there, you will have to be careful not to eat trash food.