Welcome to Dre's Third Grade Class Page: 2018-2019 School Year

Room 603 - All

If you're interested in a particular project, activity or details about an upcoming field trip, then you've come to the right place! Scroll down past our calendar to get an idea of what we've been exploring and what's to come!  
                                                                                            Email: Dre@innovationsacademy.org 

Welcome third grade students and families! 
This year is going to be busy, exciting, and filled with hard work. 

This site will be your best source of information for our class's schedule of events, weekly photos, and resources for everyone to practice at home! 

Our class has an Instagram page!
Check us out @MissDre603 

Please check our calendar above for upcoming events. 

Currently working on correcting the times of the events, but the dates are correct according to the all school schedule which can be viewed below. 

I know a lot of you would like to get your school supplies purchased. 
Below is the list of supplies that 3rd Grade is expected to have by the first day of school. 

Please email me if you have ANY questions! 

                3RD GRADE SUPPLY LIST 

Composition books - 5 separate books, any color 

Ballpoint Pens - 1 pack, blue or black

Sharpies - 2 black 

1-inch binder - 1, preferably with clear front pocket 

Glue sticks - 1 small pack and or 1 large stick  

Expos - any color 

Colored pencils - 1 small box

Construction paper - 2 packs, any color or multi color 

Sheet protectors - 1 pack

Lysol wipes - 1 or more containers 

Tissues - 1 box

Liquid Hand Soap - 1 bottle 

Hand sanitizer - 1 bottle 

Band-aids 1 box

Copy paper - 1 ream 

Binder paper - wide ruled 

Index cards - 1 pack, white 

Highlighter small pack - any color 

Postie Notes- 1 pack regular size

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