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Welcome to our classroom page!  Here, you will find weekly updates on our classroom happenings, event/field trip information, and any other items that you need to know.  Thank you for stopping by!

Nora's 7th Grade

Week 37

posted Jun 3, 2017, 3:50 PM by Nora Bowman

We hope you are enjoying your weekend and preparing for the last week of school!  We are all looking forward to a nice and relaxing break, but the last week is always bittersweet!

We are working on creating a compilation of the camping trip videos and pictures so you can see all the fun that was had!  Yearbooks will go home on Monday.  If you ordered a yearbook, they can be picked up after school, on Monday.

This week, we worked on finalizing and presenting POL's, finishing up their lesson for the mini Renaissance Faire, created an original poem and performed that original poem with Devon's class in a "Poetry Cafe" style setting.  We were also able to enjoy out 2nd grade buddy classes play on "The Science of Stuff".  Our buddy class was excited to have them there watching!

If your student hasn't already told you, the puppies (and Parker) have been coming to class everyday! All students are absolutely wonderful with them.  Those that signed up to be responsible for one of the twelve puppies, have been holding them and performing their biosensors activities with them.  They are growing so fast, and you are welcome to stop by to see them!

Next week is another busy one....what else is new ;)
Monday - Finish POL Presentation.  Those that need to present
                Madison (scheduled 9:15)
                Caitlin (scheduled 9:30)
                Jake (scheduled 12:00)
                Avery (scheduled 12:30)

                If your child's name is listed below, please select a day/time
                - Christopher           - Aidan           - Tyler
                - Quin                     

                ** Monday's Available Times:  8:45, 9:00, any time between 9:15-11:45, 12:45

Tuesday - both 7th grade classes will demonstrate their knowledge on their Renaissance project to each other, and their buddy class.

Wednesday - Mission beach/Belmont park

Thursday - IA Middle School Olympics!  Send your student in clothes they can move in, and don't mind getting wet.  Jeans, flip flops, heals, dresses, skirts cannot be worn.

Friday - Last Day of School!  Pick up time is 12:30!

Thank you to Lulu, Jordyn, Maya and parents who were able to make it to the Poway Farmers Market this morning and represent Project Localize!

Nora & Dominique

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Week 34

posted May 12, 2017, 6:02 PM by Nora Bowman

Happy Friday!  Thank you for making us feel so appreciated!  The gifts and notes were amazing, and we definitely felt the love!  We didn't get a picture with everyone, the end the week got a bit crazy!  THANK YOU!

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We completed the Math portion of our State Testing, and will complete ELA next week.  Please have your child at school and on time.  It really helps us start the day together, as a community.




Three people from our class have brought in tents...we need more.  If you have one, please send it in, so we can inventory, make tent assignments and see how many more we need.

PARKER & CLYDE'S BABIES HAVE ARRIVED!  In case you didn't already know, Parker went into labor Wednesday afternoon (much to the disappointment of our class, as they wanted to watch).  I had a choice to make, we either bunker down at school for a very long night, or I get her home.  Luck was on our side!  Within 10 minutes of getting home, she delivered her first pup....a little girl....then came the other girl, and the boy, and the girl, and another girl, then a boy, a girl, a girl (at this point I thought we were done)...nope....the 12th puppy arrived at 3:30 in the morning!  We were very shocked at the number, as we were told something else at the vet, but that is okay..the more the merrier.  Parker and her pups made it to class today for a couple hours, and will spend next week with us.  Along our puppy research, we stumbled upon a Biosensory Article for puppies.  The students who were were interested in conducting these short exercises with their assigned puppy were required to read the article and pass a simulation test with Dominique.  Please ask your student to share the article with you, it is pretty interesting.  Each student will also weigh the puppies each day, so we can track and graph their growth progress, as well as compare it to the others puppies!  

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We hope you have a fantastic weekend and all of you amazing Mother's are spoiled all weekend long!

Nora & Dominique

Week 33!

posted May 5, 2017, 5:26 PM by Nora Bowman

Another week comes to an end in our 7th grade class, and the reality that our time is coming to a close is setting in.  The remaining weeks will be very busy with testing, play practice, finishing up our final work together and our field trip.

A big congratulations to all of our students (and parents!) who have worked so hard on Alice in Wonderland!  Our class cannot wait to see it on Monday.

What happened this week?
 We took our Spring MAPS test (Reading, Language and Math).  Our field trip to the Escondido Performing Arts Center, where we learned about the history of the Filipino Culture through dance, was very entertaining!  After the performance, we headed over to Elfin Forest Recreation trail and took a hike (most of us anyway).  Those who didn't make the full hike were able to hang out by the creek and enjoy nature!  We experimented with Paint Chip Poetry, and worked on our Biome slide shows.

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If you have not heard about Crisann, she is a student at SDSU, and has spent the spring semester in our classroom a few days a week.  Everyone just loved her, and we were sad to see her go!

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On Thursday, the boys had their last Sexual Education Class, while the girls had a team/self esteem building hour with Jennifer!

Next week:  State Testing for Math -Tuesday-Thursday  PLEASE BE HERE
Following week:  State Testing for ELA - PLEASE BE HERE
Play:  May 18th @ 6:00pm
May 19th:  Tents, Sleeping bags, clothing/toiletries will be packed and will leave school with me at 3:15pm.  Please bring everything in the morning so we can load the cargo van.
May 21st:  We leave for field trip
May 26th:  We return from field trip

PLEASE TURN IN THE $200 FIELD TRIP FEE ASAP.  If you need financial assistance, please contact Donna in the front office.  
Medical Emergency forms, permission slips, itinerary and packing list will go home via email and paper by Monday.

Presentations of Learning will happen May 31st-June 2nd and Monday June 5th.  A sign up sheet will go out on Monday (via email).  Students have the choice of presenting on their own, or with a partner/small group (talk show, interview, etc).

Have a great weekend!

Nora & Dominique

Week 32

posted Apr 29, 2017, 12:09 PM by Nora Bowman

Hello Parents!  We hope you are enjoying your weekend.

In class, we are continuing to build on our previous skills, adding more layers as we go.  

Tomorrow is the last day to order a yearbook online!  Please see the attached flyer for ordering instructions.  You can also customize 2 pages of  your child's yearbook with their pictures!

WE NEED DRIVERS FOR TUESDAY!!!  Currently, we have enough drivers for 30 students, we will need to transport 11 more students.  If you can help, please email me as soon as possible.  The cost of this field experience is $4, if you haven't already sent it in, please do so.  

Devon sent out a form asking who can and cannot make it on the end of year field trip.  She has only heard back from 30 parents.  We have to finalize numbers and tickets.  Please let us know if your child is going so we can count them in.  Click here to access the document.  The total cost of the trip is $200.  Parent chaperones do not have to pay an additional amount :).  If you are interested in going, and can fit several students, please contact devon@innovationsacademy.org.

We will take our end of year MAPS test the mornings of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week.  Please have your child to school on time.

The following 2 weeks we will take our State tests.  They will be 3 days a week, in the morning.  Again, please make sure your child is at school, on time.

Our student created, end of year play will take place the evening of May 18th, and during the day on Friday, the 19th.

Please start to plan ahead for the end of year trip.  Travel size shampoo, condition, sun block, medications, lotion, bug spray, coins for showers, appropriate clothing (check the weather) and towels are just a few things to start gathering.  Sleeping bags and pillows are a must (for a decent nights sleep).  We will start to gather tents and easy ups in the next few weeks.  We want to make sure all students have a tent to sleep in, and the necessary supplies to have a comfortable trip.  We will send home a detailed supply list shortly.

Have a great weekend!

Nora & Dominique

Week 30

posted Apr 21, 2017, 5:00 PM by Nora Bowman

We waited......and waited.....and this week, we were able to enjoy the greens from our Tower Garden.  Thank you to everyone who was able to send in salad options!!!!  We all fell in love with Ciara's Potato Leek Soup, and Jordyn's homemade cookies!  Thank you for your support!

This week, we continued our research on our Renaissance topic, and brain stormed different ways we could present our learning.  We also continued to build our Poetry Portfolio, and added 6 word memoirs and concrete poetry.  Next week, we will look at Black Out and Paint Chip Poetry.  

In math, we continued our work with expressions and equations, as well as revisit ratios and simplifying.  

In Science, we completed Biodiversity, and will explore Biomes next week.  Students were given the "homework" assignment of collecting clear 2 liter bottles, with the labels removed.  We will create our own Biome in class with them.  

We have been practicing the play that our writing team created, with Natasha, on Tuesday's and Fridays.  The play will take place the evening of May 18th, and during the day on May 19th.

End of year field trip!  We are scheduled to leave on Sunday, May 21st, and return on Friday the 26th.  We will set up camp at Spring Lake, in Santa Rosa and will spend a day at California Academy of Sciences, a beach day at Dillon beach (Bodega Bay), and a hike through the area we are camped in.  We are still planning out the other days, and we will let you know as soon as we have them scheduled.  Devon will be sending out a more detailed letter explaining the trip, if you do not receive it, please let me know so I can forward a copy to you.

As you are probably already aware, State Testing is approaching.  We are scheduled to take the Math portion May 8th, 9th and 10th.  We will take the ELA portion May 15th-18th.  Please, please, please have your students to school, each day and on time.  

Yearbooks can be purchased online, until April 30th.  Please see the attached flyer.  You can also clink here, and enter the code 10138151665191.​
An insightful article was shared with us, and on the IA facebook page.  I found in very interesting and thought it deserved to be shared.

Lastly, Christine shared a quick 7 minute audio clip about conflicts between siblings, however, this video also applies to conflicts between children.  This is just more information about how conflicts can be handled at home and here, at school, as well as at home.

Have a great weekend!

Nora & Dominique

Week 31

posted Apr 21, 2017, 4:59 PM by Nora Bowman

Happy Friday!!!  They seemed to be coming by faster and faster!

We are transitioning from our Renaissance research, to creating a way to teach others about their topic.   More information will come out about when their creations will be on display for your enjoyment.

We are continuing our studies of Ecology in Science, and Expressions and Equations in Math.  We are starting to transition into solving for unknown variables, and will then progress into inequalities and what they mean.  WE ARE STILL IN NEED OF CLEAR 2 LITER BOTTLES FOR OUR BIOME PROJECT!!!!  PLEASE SEND THEM IN, IF POSSIBLE.

Hopefully, you have received the detailed email regarding our end of year field trip.  We will NOT use passenger vans, and will most  likely need to rent a couple minivans.  If you have a vehicle that can transport several students, and are will to drive, please contact us.

Yearbooks will be available to purchase online, until April 30th.  You can click here, and enter the code 10138151665191.​
A reminder about state testing.   We are scheduled to take the Math portion May 8th, 9th and 10th.  We will take the ELA portion May 15th-18th.  Please, please, please have your students to school, each day and on time. 

Other important dates....
Murder Mystery Play - Thursday, May 18th (6pm), Friday (time to be determined, but during school day)
End of year Field Trip - Leaving Sunday, May 21st at 7:00 AM.  It is really important that they are here on time.  We have quite a drive, and want to get to our location before it gets dark.   Cargo van will leave with me on Friday, May 19th.  All items need to be at school Friday.  Students will be able to take a small bag with lunch, snacks, books and other things they might need for the drive up.   We will return the evening of Friday, May 26th, and will keep in touch about timing, while driving back.

We will have some smaller field studies scheduled (beach day, hike), and will let you know as soon as those are scheduled, so we can arrange for drivers.

Have a great weekend!

Nora & Dominique

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Week 28!!!! Spring Break

posted Mar 25, 2017, 11:06 AM by Nora Bowman

We made it!!!!!  All of our hard work, over the last 12 weeks, came to life Thursday night.  This was a multifaceted project that stemmed in a few different directions, each supporting the idea of eating locally, supporting our community and making better choices for ourselves, all while reinforcing all academic content.  We cannot thank you enough for supporting your students through this process.  We are so incredibly proud of them, and you could see the pride radiating from them as they presented and owned their project!

Enjoy your Spring Break, and we will see you back on Tuesday, April 4th!

Nora & Dominique

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Week 27!

posted Mar 17, 2017, 5:40 PM by Nora Bowman

We cannot believe that Exhibition Night is already here!  We cannot wait to see you, Thursday, March 23rd, 2017, from 5-7:30.  This will be set up to resemble a Farmer's Market, and all students are expected to be there the entire time.****WE NEED EASY UPS!!!!  IF YOU HAVE ONE WE CAN BORROW, PLEASE SEND IN ASAP****

We will be presenting all of our hard work, which includes our small space gardens, recipes using locally grown products and our infographic which highlights the location they chose to visit.  Students are encouraged to find a time to make their recipe with their partner, at home, if it is something that doesn't need to be made fresh.  We decided that the guacamoles, tortilla chips, watermelon fresca, strawberry jalapeño salsa should be made at school, on Thursday.   If this is not possible, please let me know, and we will find a time next week.  We will have time during the day, on Thursday.  Also, if your kiddo needs to keep their food warm, a crock pot would work best.
***WHAT WE NEED:  Your student will small forks, napkins, small plates or sample cups***  If you cannot provide these items, please let me know, and I will make sure they have what they need.

The day after exhibition night, we will go Balboa Park and Sea Port Village for a fun scavenger hunt.  Devon recently sent out an email, requesting drivers.  This will be an all day trip, leaving at 9:30 and returning by 3:15.

After learning about the process of photosynthesis, and respiration, we finished our science unit with some hands on activities, proving that photosynthesis and respiration occur.
- Ask your student what is needed for photosyntheses to occur 
- What 2 products are formed as a result?
- During respiration, what happens?
-  What experiments did you do to prove that photosynthesis occurs?

In math, we completed our combining like terms unit and will be moving onto finding equivalent equations and the distributive property.  But first....we will work on our combining like terms, In and Out challenge problem, next week.  We also celebrated Pi day with a friendly competition!!!  The most numbers memorized prize went to Lulu with 62 words!!!!  The best part, is we got to enjoy "pi" with each other.

Coach Curry and Coach John helped students prepare for the fitness gram with some dynamic exercises and fun races.  Dominique and I participated in the races...we were very sore!

Most students have received feedback on their infographics from their peers, the business owner, Dominique and myself.  It was a very authentic experience to receive praise, clarification and questions from the locations they went to, regarding the infographic.  We can't wait to share them with you!

Wednesday was the talent show, and two of our students (Lulu and Payton) gave an amazing performance.  Fortunately,  the entire class was able to see them perform the next day at morning meeting!

See you next week!

Nora & Dominique

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Week 26

posted Mar 10, 2017, 5:01 PM by Nora Bowman

Happy Friday!  In less than 2 weeks, we will be at our next Exhibition Night!  We are getting excited, nervous and anxious to see it all come together, and to show you, and our community what we have been doing.  We also invited locations we visited to come see the work we have done, and to stand beside us, if possible.

This week we focused on completing the construction and planting of our small space garden.  We have also been observing to see how our designs are working, and what needs to change or modified.  We will experiment with a cayenne pepper, tobacco and water mixture, as a deterrent for squirrels and bunnies.  Some groups still need to get their plants, and they will need to either get them this weekend, or bring money to school on Monday, and we will make a final trip to Home Depot.    We used an infographic website called Piktochart to create our invitations.  We will also use this website to create our location resource.

Our recipe tasting went very well!  Thank you for supporting your student in this part of the project.  They received feedback on their recipes and were able to reflect with their group about the modifications they will make on their recipe!  The next presentations of these recipes, will be on Exhibition Night, however, some students have asked if they can make a second tasting.  We will discuss this at our next class council.

The Book Fair is taking place after school today until 6pmand Wednesday (15th) until 6pm.  On all other days, it will remain open during main traffic at dismissal.  Our class is scheduled to go on Tuesday, the 14th, from 11:00-11:30.

We have decided to set up our exhibition night to resemble a Farmer's Market.  If you have an easy up or canopy that we could borrow, we would greatly appreciate it.  We would need it anytime before Tuesday, March 21st.  We are also looking for hanging lights, if you happen to have any laying around.  If for some reason, the weather takes a turn for the worse, we will set up inside.

Devon's 7th grade class is hosting a talent show, where tickets will be sold, to help offset the costs of upcoming field trips.  The talent show will take place March 15th, from 6-8pm.  Tickets can be purchased ahead of time for $1, or at the door for $2.  We will be selling snacks, if you are able to bake or donate snack type food or drinks, send them in.  

Coach Curry and Coach John have continued to work on basketball skills, as well as some fun skill based games.

In math, we are continuing to work on Combining like terms and will move onto simplifying expressions and equivalent equations.  We have created an order of what we would order from In N Out.  Their challenge will be to take that information, assign variables to the different items, and combine the like terms.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Nora & Dominique

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Week 25

posted Mar 4, 2017, 10:25 AM by Nora Bowman

Good Morning!  It has been such a nice treat having our beautiful weather back, not that we haven't appreciated the rain, it is just nice to have some warm sunshine, and to be able to go outside and build.

All students have been able to visit their location, and we are on the the next step of our project.  We will review the information, images and videos they took, and decide how to put it together and create their resource.

We are so close to completing our small spa gardens!  We were hoping to be able to plant today, but it looks more like Monday!  It has been an incredible experience watching our kids design, create small scale models, then build their creation with their own hands.  They are all very different from each other, and they have learned so much while building.  They were able to see that some of their original measurements didn't work, that the structure needed more support, and a few other challenges that came up....BUT....they modified and persevered through it all.  We have had many discussion about how many mistakes it takes to come up with a final product, and how mistakes lead us to evaluating, modifying and enhancing what we already had.  It is a rarity that our first attempt is near perfect.

We were able to get some plants donated.  They are tomatoes, peppers, and squash.  Students were informed that if they individual preferences for their garden, to go get their plants this weekend, or bring in money and we will make a trip to home depot or a local nursery.  

What do we need help with?  Small rocks (for drainage), water sealer, gardening soil, plants, old pots....

A few of our students were able to get expert chef feedback, on their recipes, from Freddy (Natasha's husband).  The remaining groups will present the recipe on Thursday.  They have 2 options.  They can prepare their food at home, or they can prepare it here, however, it is extremely important that they go through the process themselves  (if they do it at home).  

Dominique and I got a special treat, and were able to watch a skit our students are working on in Spanish!  It was amazing to watch, and we hope you get the opportunity to, as well.

Our 2nd Parent's Night Out was successful and we raised about $200!  Thank you to all of the students who helped out.  Being the only adult, I couldn't have done it without them.

Have a great weekend!  

Nora & Dominique

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