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The information on this page is the same information sent home in the weekly email. 

April 17-21

posted Apr 18, 2017, 2:46 PM by Emily Luscomb

Hello families!

Our class science experiments are underway and they are full of exciting discoveries for the presenters and the audience. Thank you to the parents who have come to support not only your child, but the other students presenting the same day. We appreciate you being here. 

Bottle Biology
Over spring break, the 7th grade teacher and I went to a science conference in LA. At the conference we learned about Bottle Biology! In this, the students create there own ecosystems. Devon and I thought it would be fun to partner up the 5th and 7th graders to create their bottle biologies. 
In order to make this possible we need 2 liter bottles. Please send in any 2 liter bottles you may have laying around at home. Each pair of students needs anywhere from 1-4 bottles, depending on the type of ecosystem they create. 

Marine Science Floating Lab
A huge thank you to the parents who have volunteered their time and vehicles for our past  field trips. We wouldn't be able to do these really fun field trips without you! We are coming down to our final field trips and the next one is my absolute favorite! 
What: Marine Science Floating Lab
When: Friday, May 5
Time: Leave IA :7:30
         Return to IA: Around 2. 
Price: $25 per student
Drivers: Yes please! Let me know you if you are interested in driving. 

Have a wonderful week!
Emily and Maria

March 6-10

posted Mar 6, 2017, 4:22 PM by Emily Luscomb

Hello Families!

Here is some information about our week.


Where: American Heritage Museum


Heritage of the Americas Museum

12110 Cuyamaca College Drive West

El Cajon, CA 92019

When: Friday, March 10

Time: Leave IA- 9:15 am

    Return to IA- between 1:30- 2:00

Price: Free!

Drivers: We have the perfect amount of drivers. Here is who we have, please correct me if I’m wrong.

·      Kat Berling: 3

·      Erin Cole: 6

·      Tamora Brady: 6

·      Yvette Hopping: 5

·      Ivan Flores: 4



We have begun investigating fractions. Today, students explored what makes one whole through making their own fraction strips. Students learned what it means to create ½- 1/10 by only using one strip of paper. It generated some really valuable and real life discussions.



American Revolution

Last week, the class put on a series of epic performances about the events that led up the American Revolution. The third grade class came to watch the skits and learn a little bit about our history. The students did a great job working together to create a historically accurate representation of a specific event, while also explaining to younger children the significance.


This week, we are learning that history is a story that can be told from many different sides. For the American Revolution, the class is learning the Colonists’ perspective as well as King George’s perspective in England. We will be learning how to properly debate with each other through a very specific format. Each student will take a side of who they think has the best debating arguments: The Patriots or The Loyalists.


As usual, have a wonderful week and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.




Emily and Maria

February 21- 24

posted Feb 22, 2017, 8:15 AM by Emily Luscomb

Hello 5th grade families!

Last week’s Riley’s Farm field trip was a huge success. Thank you so much for the parent drivers! Here are a few annuncements for this week.


5th Grade Bake Sale


The purpose: We are hosting a bake sale because one of our class chrome books has been broken, possibly stepped on. We talked as a class, in class council, and decided the best way to fix this is to raise money for the broken screen. The class, as a community, feels that it is important to work together as we don’t exactly know how the chrome book was damaged. In last night Home School Journal, the students suggested or asked what they can bring as a donation. Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your support.


When: Monday 2/27 -- 7:45-8:30 and 12:30- 1:15

           Tuesday 2/28 -- 7:45- 8:30 (or until we sell out)

Where: Student Store/ front of the school

Price: Everything is $1.00



The fifth graders are working on multi digit multiplication with decimals. To enhance their skills they will be working in groups on different strategies and teaching their strategy to the fourth grade class. Ask your child what their strategy is as they are becoming an expert and there are many different ways to solve a problem. The important thing is that a child finds the way that makes most sense to him or her.


Learning Paths

As you may be aware, we have a few different learning paths going on in our class. The students have set a goal for themselves to reach a total of 10,000 points in one month. They are so excited to reach this goal. Many students come before school, during breaks and at lunch to work on their learning path. One student even created a whole new one for a subject that didn’t already have a learning path. It’s so exciting to see the class working together in a positive and happy way to reach a common goal. This Friday is our deadline for 10,000 points, I can’t wait to see what happens!


Operation Mince Meat

Our class play is underway. Every student was given their part yesterday and we will begin rehearsing and learning our lines. The topic is incredibly interesting and all historically accurate. Ask your child to tell you what it’s all about.


American Revolution

We will be learning about the events that took place in Colonial America that caused the colonists to rebel against King George. This week the students will be broken into groups and creating skits for the class showing a specific event. We are hoping to perform them for each other at the start of next week.


We hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!


Emily and Maria

This week, Jan. 30- Feb. 3

posted Jan 30, 2017, 4:52 PM by Emily Luscomb

Hello families,

Next week is our Portfolio Review, which means we will have all minimum days and school is out at 12:30 each day. Please let me know if you have not signed up for a spot on Signup Genius.


Personal Growth Project

We will be creating graphs to represent the data that was collected from each student’s personal growth survey. Our graphs will teach us how to accurately represent data through a variety of different graphing techniques. We will be beginning our personal self-portrait through charcoal drawing. Niki, the art teacher will be assisting us in this learning process. In addition to having a life coach Skype in and teach us how to set SMART goals, we will be having a motivational teacher come in to present on motivation and integrity on Tuesday. We are looking forward to learning new skills and strategies to keep motivated.



PE is now on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s. Please be sure your child comes to school with close-toed shoes, appropriate attire and a refillable water bottle as they will be playing basketball out on the courts.


Work Accountability

In an effort to keep all students up to date with their school work, we have created a daily work accountability sheet. This sheet is titled “Work I am taking home to finish” and could be sent home on a daily basis, if your child needs it. It will have the assignment that needs to be finished to stay on track at school.

Please help your child stay up on their classwork, by creating time for work to be completed at home.

While Monday make-up is a useful tool, there is not enough time for some students to complete their assignments during the time given. We also don’t want students to feel overloaded all at once with a few days of assignments to complete on Monday. Please ask our child if they have work to complete at home.


Riley’s Farm

We currently have the following drivers for our Riley’s farm field trip on Feb. 16.

Erin Cole- 6

Pamela Enciso-3

Ivan Flores- 5

Jacki Erwin-3

We need 2-3 more. Please let me know if you are available.

Time: We will be leaving IA at 7:30 am as it takes 2 hours to get there are we need to check in by 9:30. We will be back to IA between 3:15 and 3:45 depending on the traffic.


Please let me know if you have any questions and have a wonderful week. 

Weekly email January 17- January 20

posted Jan 17, 2017, 5:20 PM by Emily Luscomb

Hello families!

Happy Tuesday. I hope everyone had a lovely Martin Luther King Jr. holiday yesterday.


Field Trips

Thank you for the parents who volunteered their time to the Planetarium last Thursday. Our next field trip is just a few weeks away.


Where: Riley’s Farm

12261 S. Oak Glen Road

Oak Glen, California 92399

When: February 16

Time: Leave IA- 7:30 am

            Return to IA- 3:15

Price: $20 per student

Lunch: Every student needs to bring a home lunch and refillable water bottle.

Attire: It is in the mountains and outside, so it can be very cold. Dress in close-toed shoes and bring a warm sweater. As we get closer, Ill communicate more about what weather to expect.

Drivers: We need drivers. This field trip is about two hours away, but is definitely a fun learning experience. Please let me know if you are willing to drive.


Home School Communication Logs

Please look for the home school communication logs at least 2-3 times a week. It is a great conversation piece about the events that are happening in school.


Report Cards

Report cards will be ready for pick up on Friday, January 27 in the classroom. We must hand deliver these, so please come by to pick them up. If your child is in after care, their report card will be given to Outpost. If you are unable to come on Friday, it will be given to the office.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Emily and Maria

Weekly Email January 9-13

posted Jan 8, 2017, 2:02 PM by Emily Luscomb

Hello Fifth Grade Families!

I hope you all are having a relaxing Sunday. Here is some information of what we have been working on since winter break and what is to come in the next few weeks.


Field Trip- Planetarium

I believe we are all set with drivers. Thank you so much for your time and making this possible. Here is who we have so far.

Erin- 7

Pamela- 4

Yvette- 3


Chiaki- 3

Lorena- 5 (maybe)


Thursday, Jan. 12- Drivers please be at IA at 10:30, so we can leave at 10:45.


The Personal Growth Project

In reflecting over the first half of the school year, I realized that this group of students has changed tremendously over the past few months in a very positive way. I feel that it is important to teach how to constantly be reflective on what went well and what continues to be a struggle. This project is centered around the driving question: How can I show that I have grown as a positive, contributing member of society? Through personal challenges, poetry, student created surveys, goal setting and artistic representation, the class is reflecting on their own personal growth for the year of 2016.

As you may have heard from your child, after a class discussion on living in a country of abundance, each student has chosen something that they have or use on a daily-basis that they really enjoy, but don’t need to live. They have chosen a day or a few days in which they are choosing not to use this item. They will then reflect on how their life was positively impacted by not using this item. Many students have recognized that they use electronics habitually and regularly and have chosen to give them up for a short period of time in hopes to live a life more present and “outdoory” life. Some students have chosen junk food and candy to take a break from. The class requirement was only two days, but many students have chosen to take a break from their item for a few weeks! How awesome! I’m excited to here how their lives are positively impacted from this break. Please ask your child what their challenge is and how they are doing with it. How is their life more positively influenced? What is really difficult about this challenge?

The purpose of this challenge is to be more present with family and friends and to take a break from all the excess. It is not to make your life, as a parent, more difficult. In our class discussion we talked about our basic human needs and family needs. No challenge should impede on the overall need of a family. Please let me know if you have any questions.



We have begun exploring decimals. This week we will be learning how to recognize what a decimal means through their relationship with fractions. We will be learning how to recognize bigger decimals from smaller ones, while also learning how to properly add them.


Home School Journals

We have started up our Home School Journals again for the second half of the year. Please look for them 2-3 times a week. Students will be reflecting on the following questions.

What did we do?

What went well?

What was a challenge?

The purpose of these is to generate family discussion and questions about what is happening at school. Please sign the bottom of the journal each time it comes home.



We are in desperate need of some supplies. Please donate if you can.

-       Colored pencils

-       Electric Pencil sharpener

-       Pencils

-       Dry erase markers

-       Loose leaf binder paper


Report Cards

Report cards are being sent home Friday, January 27. Please stop by the classroom to pick up your child’s report card as we need to hand them to you directly. If your child is in aftercare, the aftercare staff will have it. If you are unable to come to the classroom that day, please pick it up in the office any day after.


Thank you for all your support. Please let me know if you have any questions.



Emily Luscomb

Week Five September 26-30

posted Sep 26, 2016, 7:18 PM by Emily Luscomb

Hello Families!

Here are a few important announcements for this week and the upcoming weeks.


Picture Day

This Friday is picture day. Our class is scheduled for pictures at 11:00 am. Picture orders will be available. Please let me know if you are interested in ordering pictures of your child this year.


Mock School Election

As you are aware, the presidential election is coming up quickly. The 5th-8th grade will be participating in a mock election. This means that we will be learning about the election process as well as the candidates running. This is an exciting time in our country and I hope to help the students understand more about our country and government. The mock election will take place on October 4.


Student Led Conferences

Student led conferences (SLC’s) are going to be the week of October 10-14. This means that the school day will be from 8:45-12:30 everyday that week. A document will be shared with you to sign up for a slot to come in and have your child lead you through their learning, progress and challenges at school. It is important that the student takes charge of the conference and explains how they feel they are doing at school. Maria and I will be there to answer any additional questions for you, but the conference will be primarily an opportunity for students to share this year from their perspective.

Each conference will be about 15 minutes and there may be 1-2 families in the room at a time. Please help us keep to the 15 minute time schedule as every family will be attending the conference and it is important that no family waits too long. Your cooperation is very much appreciated. If you would like to set up an additional meeting with me to discuss anything further, please let me know. I’d be happy to talk with you more in depth about your child’s learning.


Field Trips

Our first three field trips are planned. Parent volunteers are the most important part in field trips at IA. We do not have a bus, therefore parent drivers and chaparones are incredibly important. Please let me know if you are able to driver for any of these first three field trips.


1.    Living Coast- Friday, Oct. 21

a.     8:45- 3:30 (more specific time to follow)

b.     5-6 drivers needed

2.    Camp Surf- Tuesday, Nov. 1-3

a.     3 day, 2 night overnight at Camp Surf YMCA.

b.     Male and female chaparones needed to stay overnight for the entire trip. 4-6 total parents needed.

c.      If you are able to drive, but not stay, please let me know.

3.    Birch Aquarium- Friday Dec. 2

a.     5-6 drivers needed


Have a wonderful week! Please let me know if you have any questions.




Week 4, Sept. 19- 23

posted Sep 19, 2016, 5:26 PM by Emily Luscomb

Hello 5th Grade Families,

Things are beginning to come together in our classroom. Students are learning how to manage their time, manage their bodies and complete high quality work. Things are looking positive!



We have begun working in our Beast Academy books. We will be doing some work in the workbooks and some work through exploratory activities. Students learned about different 3D shapes last week. This week we will be reviewing area and perimeter through a name are activity. We will then use what we practiced in area and perimeter to learn surface area. We will be taking notes in our math notebook as well as doing some problems in beast academy. Finally, students will draw their own 3D shape and calculate the surface area.



We will begin using out Foss Science Kits in class. Foss is a wonderful program full of hands on learning activities. We will be using our Foss kits weekly. The first topic we will cover will be “Living Systems”. In this, we will be learning what a system and subsystem is and how we live in a world full of them.


Wheel of Choice

Part of problem solving is learning that you have many different options when it comes to solving a problem with someone. Last week, we brainstormed a list of different ways we can solve a problem with a classmate. This week, students will illustrate to show what it looks like to use that strategy to solve a problem.  The illustrations will be put onto a wheel and displayed by our “chill zone” for students to refer to when they are calming down. Ask your child what three options they chose to use next time they have a problem to solve.


I Am Poem

Students are expressing who they are threw our first poem, the I Am Poem. This is a creative writing activity that will be displayed in class by the end of the week.


Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Have a wonderful week!



Emily Luscomb

Week 3!

posted Sep 19, 2016, 5:24 PM by Emily Luscomb

Happy Monday 5th Grade Families!

 Things are beginning to come together in the 5th grade classroom. We are consistently practicing our routines and learning how to respectfully collaborate with each other. Please see below for this week’s announcements.


Home School Communication Log (HSCL)

We have begun writing in our HSCL. This is a notebook that each student writes in on a daily basis letting you know how the day at school went. Each student answers three questions.

1.     What did we do?

2.     What went well?

3.     What was a challenge?

The objective of this journal is to help students communicate about their school day with the hopes that rich conversation and questions arise at home. The HSCL is to be signed by you and returned to school the next day, so students have it available to write and reflect in.

At school, we are encouraging students to dive a little deeper in their reflections and really think about themselves as learners, therefore it is strongly encouraged that students write about themselves as learners.


The Salk Institute

In last weeks email, you were informed about the Salk Institute coming to our campus for three days this week,


Wednesday 9/14- 8:45

Thursday 9/15- 8:45

Friday 9/ 16- 8:45


Please be extra conscious about getting your child to school on time those three days, so they can be present and get the most out of this amazing learning experience.


Problem Solving

A really intricate part of being at IA is that the students have the ability to learn how to problem solve with each other. This means that students take initiative in solving a conflict with another student on their own through tools and strategies taught in class. Many students also learn that there are two sides to a story and that theirs is only their perspective. This teaches empathy and compassion for others. At first, it can be frustrating and difficult for the students, as solving problems with each other is not easy or comfortable. Please help encourage this skills at home by encouraging your child to think of what their role in the conflict might be, if they are upset with another student.


I hope everyone has a great week!


Emily Luscomb 

The Second Week!!

posted Sep 6, 2016, 5:51 PM by Emily Luscomb

Welcome to the second week of 5th grade!

I hope you all had a relaxing and fun holiday. This week in 5th grade we will continue to solidify our routines and expectations. High expectations and solid routines in the classroom are the foundation for high-level learning and growth. So, we will take the time to lay the foundation correctly.



Last week we introduced Number Talks and the students have been practicing mental math and finding patterns in numbers. We also started ST math in class. This week, we will be jumping into our 5th grade math curriculum called “Beast Academy”. Beast Academy has many rigorous math problems and asks the students to explore math using different strategies. We will do Beast Academy as well as other outside resources to help students fully understand the concepts. We started learning about 3D shapes today. Students were able to make their own 3D shapes and we will be comparing the similarities and differences.



We have begun our class Novel “Freak the Mighty”. While we are reading this in class, I strongly encourage all students to be reading at home. This can be a novel students read by themselves or it can be one you read together aloud. But, reading on a daily basis at home is strongly recommended.


The Salk Institute

We have a really amazing opportunity next week with The Salk Institute. Salk is a scientifically researched based company that loves to come to schools and teach students by taking them through the process that a scientist goes through. We will be learning about genes and DNA while actually going through the process. This is a really cool seminar we get to have with them next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Please be sure that your child is at school on time to experience it.


Have a wonderful week and please let me know if you have any questions or comments.




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