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  • June 9
    Hi Families,
    Wow, we made it!! What a year!! Thank you so incredibly much for all of the work and support you've offered over the year. It made all the difference!

    Hopefully you picked up your report card (and MAP testing results) from the classroom today. If not, it is in the office for you to pick up at your convenience. Here's a quick reminder about how our report cards work:
    • FRONT SIDE: Social-emotional skills and Work Habits

      • I evaluated your child based on the skills using the terms “consistently”, “often”, “sometimes”,  and “rarely”. The students also evaluated themselves without any input from Lupe or myself. We went through the phrases together so the kids had a good understanding of what they were being asked.

    • BACK SIDE: Academic Progress by subject

      • One of my main beliefs on report cards is to evaluate children’s skill-level, not their effort. Whatever you see there is, as accurately as I can, a reflection of what they have produced throughout the semester (through formal and informal assessment).

      • At this time in the year, a 2nd grader should be at about a level 28 in the DRA testing we do. You can find more information on the DRA test here.

      • A quick guide to the numbers:

        • 4: Mastery. The student can not only complete tasks in this area but can confidently teach others.

        • 3: Proficient. The student is right where they should be.

        • 2: Emerging. We see inconsistent signs of having a handle on the material or the student is missing a few concepts in that area.

        • 1: Below expectations. This student is consistently showing difficulty in that subject. We are implementing methods to further help this student and would appreciate help at home; see Ali for more information.

    Please take the time to go over the report card with your child. Contact me with any questions!

    Hopefully you've also been seeing work come home throughout this week. We've sent home our portfolios, extra work, notebooks, etc. Ask your child if you haven't seen any of this yet!

    Please let Tami know if you will not be returning to IA next year. It's important as we split up our class lists!

    The summer slide is real!!! Please see our Google Doc that we came up with together for ideas on keeping your child academically active over the summer. Their Reflex Math logins are attached to this e-mail. 

    Questions about our week:
    - Can you sit down and explain your growth over the year using your portfolio work?
    - Let's look at your report card together. Why do you think you have {number} in {subject}?
    - What are you excited for about 3rd grade? What makes you nervous? What do you think makes 3rd grade different from 2nd grade?
    - What do you want to do to prepare for 3rd grade over the summer?
    - What made your party fun? What would you do differently?

    Posted Jun 9, 2017, 8:31 AM by Ali Kolb
  • June 2
    Hello Families and welcome to June!
    Thanks to all who came out for our play last night... I know the kids enjoyed all the support! And thank you for your continued support over the coming week as our year winds down! Big thanks to Amber to creating this album to look at and add photos to... and this video of the performance!

    Our country's leaders have decided to celebrate the end of the year with a Taco Tuesday this coming week. The kids are organizing the staples of the tacos but if you would like to send a topping like tomatoes, guacamole, lettuce, etc they would appreciate! We will have chicken tacos so as long as your child is able to eat chicken, you do not need to send a lunch on Tuesday.

    Continuing the end of the year celebrations, we will be having a camping themed party on Friday. Some kids have chosen to participate in a wet activity so they should wear a swimsuit or clothes that can get wet and bring a towel and a change of clothes. The kids are taking care of a lot of the planning, but we could use help in the following ways:

    volunteers filling up water balloons either after school on Thursday or right away in the morning on Friday
    sending in a tent for us to use at our "campsite"
    sending a snack or drink to share

    Here's our party schedule as of now:
    9 - 10 Half of the class will be playing dry games and half will be playing wet games
    10 - 10:30 Set up tents, roast marshmallows
    10:30 - 11 Snack potluck, hang out in tents
    11 - 11:15 Mystery jelly bean taste test
    11:15 - 11:45 Capture the flag
    11:45 - 12 Take down tents/ clean up

    Let us know if you're able to help!

    Please remember we end school Friday, June 9 at 12:30. Make sure to send a backpack all next week with your child so they can gradually bring home their work from the year! 

    Report cards (along with more detailed MAP data) will go home on Friday. Please plan on picking them up in the classroom with your child. If your child is going to Outpost after school, let me know and I will send the report card there. Otherwise, any report cards not picked up on the last day will be in the office for you to pick up at your convenience. 

    Questions about our week:
    • What was the best part about being in a play? What was the hardest?
    • Did you achieve your MAP goals in Reading and Math?
    • What symbol do mathematicians use to represent "groups of"?
    • Show me how you could solve 6 x 5
    • What are you learning about your classmates in their POLs?
    Posted Jun 2, 2017, 3:32 PM by Ali Kolb
  • May 26
    Hi Families,
    Thanks for another great week! Hard to believe we only have a couple of these left together!

    There will be no school this Monday, May 29, in observance of Memorial Day.

    Our play is Thursday! We will have two performances: one at 2:00 and one at 6:00. Please plan on your child being in the classroom by 5:30 pm on Thursday, June 1. The kids have been working very hard and I know they're excited to show you how talented they are! The costumes will be very basic... please do not go out and buy anything! Whatever you have at home will be great :). For the people with non-everyday clothes, please send in the costumes on Tuesday so we can have them here and ready. Also, if anyone has a play guitar, a chef hat, kids' lab coats, toy microphones, or wooden ABC blocks that we could borrow... we would really appreciate it! Please see your child's name below to see what their costume is. Just to give you a general idea, the premise of our play is a morning talk show with various guests and audience members.

    Abigail: soap opera star (fancy clothes), guest (dressy casual clothes)
    Ciani: audience member (regular clothes), baker (black clothes -- we'll be adding aprons)
    Liam: floor director (all black...maybe with a headset?)
    Miranda: audience member (regular clothes), baker (black clothes -- we'll be adding aprons)
    Piper: show host (fancy clothes)
    Noah: scientist (black clothes to wear with lab coat + glasses), band member (rock/grunge look -- jeans and a t-shirt)
    Troy: scientist (black clothes to wear with lab coat + glasses)
    Hunter: Bob (normal "adult" clothes -- we thought it'd be cute if it had a 1950s look to it if possible!)
    Sienna: movie star (fancy clothes + sunglasses), guest (regular clothes)
    Jonah: superfan (everyday clothes), baby
    Caleb: architect (black pants + button down shirt)
    Jackson: movie star (fancy clothes + sunglasses), soap opera star (fancy clothes)
    Teresa: superfan, Bonnie (regular "adult" clothes -- we thought it'd be cute if it had a 1950s look to it if possible!), band member (rock/grunge look -- jeans and a t-shirt)
    Ryan: audience member (regular clothes), architect (black pants + button down shirt), narrator (regular clothes)
    Jaha: dancer (fancy, shiny, dancer clothes)
    Kyleigh: dancer (fancy, shiny, dancer clothes), band member (rock/grunge look -- jeans and a t-shirt)
    Hank: show host (fancy clothes)
    Marley: dancer (fancy, shiny, dancer clothes), superfan (everyday clothes)
    Sophia: audience member (regular clothes), baker (black clothes -- we'll be adding aprons)

    We will continue with our POL presentations next week. Here's our schedule:
    Wednesday 9:00 Teresa / 2:45 Piper, Jonah
    Friday 3:00 Abigail 

    We will also be continuing with MAP Testing on Tuesday (Reading) and Thursday (Math). We took our English Language Arts test this week and the kids did very well! Hopefully you saw their score which was glued into their Home-School Journal. Just to have a general reference (although, again, our school does not necessarily stress tests so we may fall a bit below the norms) students should be around a 192 in Math at the end 2nd grade, a 189 in reading, and a 190 in English Language Arts. However, my focus is much more on looking for growth. From the beginning of the year until now, 2nd graders are expected to improve about 14 points in each subject. Keep in mind that if your child started the year above-grade level, they may not have improved by the 14 points. You'll receive a more comprehensive summary of MAP scores with your June report card.

    Questions about our week:
    - What can I do to help you be ready for the play?
    - What did you feel good about in MAP testing? What was difficult?
    - What are you learning about your classmates in watching their POLs?
    - Who is the main character in your chapter book? What are their character traits?
    - Which addition strategy from the year do you like most? Why?

    Have a great weekend!!
    Posted May 26, 2017, 3:48 PM by Ali Kolb
  • May 12
    Hi Families,
    Thank you for such a lovely Teacher Appreciation week! Lupe and I certainly felt the love and are enjoying all of our flowers, snacks, and other treats :).

    We still need at least 2 more drivers for next week's field trip (our last one of the year!). We also are still looking for $10 from quite a few people. Sign up here if you'd like to drive. There's also the option to drive the kids and drop them off at the symphony, get some errands done downtown for 1 - 1.5 hours, then pick them back up. We'll be leaving school a little after 10 am and returning around 1:30.

    Please sign up here for POLs if you have not already!

    Our last book order for the year is due May 25. Order online with code PD9PH.

    The Scripps Ranch Girl Scouts are having a Fun Day for all current and future Girl Scouts and their families this Saturday (May 13). See the flyer below for more info.

    Questions to ask about our week:
    - What are some tools that chapter book readers use to help them enjoy chapter books?
    - What chapter book are you reading now? What is happening in the story? Is it a good fit book?
    - How is the stack up addition method similar to break apart? How is it different?
    - What is your favorite type of poem to write? Why?

    Have a great weekend!!
    Posted May 12, 2017, 10:03 AM by Ali Kolb
  • May 5
    Hi Families!
    A big congratulations to all of our students (and parents!) who have worked so hard on Alice in Wonderland... enjoy the show weekend!

    Our next field trip will be the Classics 4 Kids concert on May 18. Please send $10 in with your child. The concert isn't until 11:30 so we'll probably be gone around 10 - 2. Sign up to drive here! We only have one driver signed up so far!

    Just a reminder that our class play will be in the evening on June 1.

    POL time is approaching! Please sign up here for a slot!

    Questions to ask about our week:
    - What poetic tools did you use in your poetry?
    - What is the difference between a fact and an opinion?
    - Why do people write reviews?
    - How can you use groups of 10 to count quickly?
    - What is the difference between a number in the tens place and a number in the ones place?
    Posted May 5, 2017, 3:20 PM by Ali Kolb
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