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  • April 14
    Hi Families!

    Our next field trip is to Suzie's Farm and Hilliker's Ranch Fresh Eggs next Tuesday, April 25. Please send $10! We will be touring Suzie's and eating there from 9:30 - 12 and then heading over to Hilliker's Ranch Fresh Eggs after that (and arriving back to school at 2). Suzie's requires a permission slip so please stop by the classroom to sign it sometime in the next week. Let me know if you'd prefer to have it sent home with your child. Suzie's also requires that kids wear long pants and close-toed shoes and recommends dressing in layers, bringing a water bottle, and using sunscreen. We also still need drivers!

    Looking ahead... our next field trip will be the "Oceans Ahoy" concert (with Classics 4 Kids) at Balboa Theatre on May 18.

    I came across some resources this week that I thought some of you might be interested in. One was an article about how spelling skills progress in children... I know that sometimes we can be concerned when we see all the misspellings in the kids' writing, but as long as they're using what they've learned about letters and their sounds, they're learning. The article also includes some tips for supporting your child's spelling skills at home.

    Secondly, Christine sent out a quick 7 minute audio clip about conflicts between siblings (although it really applies to any conflicts between children). I wanted to send it as a) more information about how we handle conflicts between students here at IA and b) a resource for you to use in parenting at home. 

    Questions to ask about our week:
    What signals does a poet use to show you how to read a poem?
    - What makes a poem different from a story?
    - What food are your researching? Let's look at its label at the grocery store! 
    - What do you know about fractions? What are some important words when you're learning about fractions?
    - What have you learned about the progression of farming over history?
    - What kind of role are you hoping to get in the play?
    Posted Apr 14, 2017, 9:45 AM by Ali Kolb
  • March 24
    Hi Families,
    Wow, what a great way to end before spring break! Exhibition night was such a great experience thanks to the incredibly hard work of every single kid in here (and lots of parents too!). The kids really did an amazing job putting together our museum and we couldn't have done it without all of our supportive families! Thank you!

    Enjoy your spring break! We will see you back at school Tuesday, April 4. Don't forget about our great apps to keep academics alive over the break (Reflex Math and Raz Kids... also a new parent-recommended app, Monster Math). Additionally, a lot of our kids are getting into chapter books, so travel time could be filled nicely with a book! And there's also the "Home Extensions" tab on our class website.

    All of our exhibition work / primary sources were sent home today. Enjoy!

    We're running low on essential oils if anyone would like to donate some for our diffusers :).

    Questions about our week:
    - What are you most proud of from exhibition night? What was most difficult for you?
    - What ideas did you use from your field trip to the Nat to create your family museum?
    - What was the most surprising thing you learned about your family from this project?
    - What was an interesting thing you learned about others' families from this project?
    - What skills did you use to be a docent for your museum?
    - What do you need to practice over break to feel successful when you come back?
    Posted Mar 24, 2017, 10:55 AM by Ali Kolb
  • 3/17/17
    Hi Families!
    The countdown is on... one last week before our second exhibition night! We have lots going on as we prepare :).

    Please sign up here for your child's exhibition night slot.

    As we work to turn our classroom into a museum, we could really use some parent help! Below are some ways you could help... please let me know if you can commit to any of these times!
    This weekend: buy fabric to cover our walls
    Monday at 12:30: Come in and take down our posters and hang fabric on our walls
    Thursday at 9:00: Help kids hang their work, put final touches, etc
    Friday at 9:00: Help with take-down

    Next Friday, we will be celebrating our hard work post-Exhibition night. Feel free to send in a snack or drink to share with the class.

    As it continues to heat up outside, please remember to send your child to school with a water bottle, especially on Tuesdays when we have PE outdoors.

    Check out (and contribute to!) our photos from yesterday's field trip to the Nat.

    Questions about our week:
    - What do you need from home for your exhibit?
    - How do readers infer what the author wants them to know from a text?
    - How do museum workers use inference skills while dealing with fossils?
    - What was the most interesting thing you learned at the museum?
    - What ideas from the museum inspired your own exhibit work?
    - What are you most excited to show me at exhibition night?
    Posted Mar 17, 2017, 10:12 AM by Ali Kolb
  • March 10
    Hi Families!
    Hope you've all had a great week... ours has been very productive and rewarding!

    Next week is our field trip to the Nat (on Thursday). Thank you to all who came forward to drive! We could still use one more driver if anyone is available! More information can be found on the flyer:
    Today is the start of our Scholastic Book Fair!  This is a great opportunity to build your home library while supporting IA. We will be visiting the book fair as a class on Monday just to see what is available, but it will be open for purchasing every day after school next week.

    Exhibition Night is quickly approaching! It is Thursday, March 23 from 5 - 7:30. Please sign your child up for a 30 minute slot that they can commit to being a host in our classroom.

    We are running low on Kleenex! If you could send a box or two to school, we would appreciate it! We also need some more cricket food (like this) if anyone could bring some. Finally, if someone could grab our laundry next week, we could use it! Thank you!! :)

    Questions to ask about our week:
    - How do readers use context clues to figure out a word?
    - How did editing and revising help improve your fairy tale?
    - What tools helped you stay focused during publishing time this week?
    - What time is it? (using an analog clock)
    - How are you showing our family history on a map?
    - What places have you learned about in North America?
    - What words are you working on spelling from the word wall?
    Posted Mar 10, 2017, 12:12 PM by Ali Kolb
  • March 3
    Hi Families!
    We're off to a great start in March! 

    Please send $10 for our field trip to the Nat if you have not done so already. The field trip will be Thursday, March 16. We still need lots of drivers!! Please sign up here.

    This weekend is the kickoff for San Diego STEM Festival. There is a free event tomorrow at Petco Park with over 120 science, engineering, and math activities for kids. Check out the event website, as well as the schedule for other events occurring all around the county for the next couple weeks. This is a really exciting opportunity that I know a lot of our students would love!

    Book orders were sent home yesterday. Order through me or online with the code PD9PH. We'll also be having a Scholastic Book Fair after school throughout the week of March 13 - 17, which is what the book fair flyer was about.

    Questions to ask about our week:
    - What does a reader's voice do when it reaches a period? A comma? 
    - What detail have you added (or could you add) to your fairy tale? How did it improve your story?
    - What did you learn about your buddy's project? What feedback did you give them?
    - What strategies are you using to help you estimate in the estimation jar?
    - Did you achieve most of your work time goals this week? What helped you achieve your goals? What got in the way of you achieving your goals?

    Love, Ali
    Posted Mar 3, 2017, 9:44 AM by Ali Kolb
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