Open Source Initiatives

  1. Working on development of syllabus of "Free & Open Source Software(FOSS) : Managing Business".

  2. For all windows users, who have never thought of changing their mind to change their operating system, must read this article and see the photographs to get the feel of ubuntu. It is for all those who are screwed up by their windows operating system and want to get out of its claws. Take a look at the Ubuntu OS slide show, that will make you familiar with the look and feel,  and features of the operating system.


  3. Now, as you have seen the operating system and have got some idea of it. I will now summarize some of its benefits:
    1. Its free.1
    2. Its secure.
    3. It boots faster.2
    4. Its remarkable looks and is fully customizable. You can choose between two desktops while logging in to the system, from Unity and Gnome.
    5. One place from where you can download all the software, Ubuntu Software Center3.
    6. Empathy: A multi protocol chat software in which you can configure all your chat Ids. Like gtalk, yahoo, aim or msn.
    7. Control all your social networking from one place, Gwibber Social Client and an offline mail client;Evolution 4.
    8. All your office applications like document, spreadsheets, presentation, drawing available in Libre office5
    9. Manage all your photos and videos. Share your photos and videos with the world from your desktop, mobile, smart phone, etc. Ubuntu is compatible with most of the devices6.
    10. Ubuntu one is your personal cloud that will bring all your digital resources together. You can store upto 5GB of data on your personal cloud, absolutely free7.

    Wanna try ubuntu now? Visit Ubuntu. You can try Ubuntu without installing it on your hard drive.
    If you still have any questions and queries, feel free to write to me at gauravparashar24 at gmail dot com.