Karate and Projects

Here are VHS converted tapes of a karate camp with five 1st Dan Black Belt students in the Summer of 1982, emphasizing sparring exercises which were eventually published in Elements of Advanced Karate, http://www.ingber.com/karate85_book.html .  To make these files reasonable size they were converted to 320x240.  (The files still are quite large at about 200MB each.) The sound is quite a bit out of sync with the video a lot of the time due to the device used to capture the VHS recording.  The sequence {karate82_exam, karate82_Earth, karate82_Wind, karate82_Fire, karate82_Water, karate82_Void} follows the order of training sessions, each about 1.5 hours, in this special camp.  They have been conveniently cut into playable parts less than 50 MBytes each.

Here is a one-minute video introduction to some of my projects in mpg, avi or pptx format.

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