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Physical Modeling Projects

Name of Project and Location
Project CategoryClientDescription of Work

Dagachhu Hydro power Project,
126 MW
Hydraulic/Physical Modeling 

SNC- Lavalin Engineering India Pvt Ltd. Construction, running & analyzing the flow conditions in the open Chanel transition into tunnel (Head race channel to Head race tunnel) in a 3D physical model.
Scale - 1:20
Phata Byung Hydro Electric Project,
Phata, Uttarakhand
76 MW
Hydraulic/Physical Modeling Lanco Mandakini Hydro Energy Pvt Ltd. Hydraulic Modelling Studies on 3D Comprehensive Model for spillway and power intake
Scale - 1:35
Super Trishuli Hydro Electric Project, Nepal.
100 MW
Hydraulic/Physical Modeling
Mathematical Modeling 
Blue Energy Pvt Ltd.Physical model studies 
1. Sectional Model (2D) for spillway, energy dissipator and intake. 
    Scale - 1:50

2. Comprehensive 3D model or spillway, energy dissipator and intake.
    Scale - 1:65

Mathematical model studies
3. Mathematical model studies for obtaining sediment profiles in the reservoir