Cloud computing services by Info4u

Info4u offers cloud computing services for small business in South Africa. We understand that Severs and IT (Information Technology) equipment are very expensive to purchase and require dedicated staff to manage. Our simple cloud based systems eliminate your need to own a server with related routers and other expensive IT (Information Technology) infrastructure and equipment.

Info4u offers comprehensive online cloud computing services that are scalable, so you can start out small and expand the size of your online cloud as you grow or need more online coverage for your online office space, your webpages as well as your online marketing and related social media efforts.

So how does it work? Simple, you log in and use your normal internet based browser to access any part of your cloud to do what ever work is scheduled for the day, and the best part is you can work from anywhere that you have access to the internet, using a PC, a laptop, a tablet, a smart phone or any other internet enabled device.
Our base package offers you and your team instant access to the computing cloud with the following online elements that each member of your team can access from anywhere that he / she has access to the internet.

  1.  Email (web based or pop3 based)
  2. website services with Google sites
  3.  Blogging service with
  4. Online document repository with customizable security level management with Google drive
  5. Word processing package Similar to Ms word, with collaborative features and document sharing functions with Google docs
  6. Spread sheet package similar to Ms XL, with online data collection tools with Google sheets
  7. Presentation development similar to Ms Power point, that can be instantly published to the web, shared with a select group, or kept private woth Google presentations
  8. Calendar service, that can be shared publicly, with a select group or kept private with Google calendar

This means that you don't need dedicated office space for each member of your team, and your team can work flexi time, part time, full time or any time.