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シラバス/科目概要   Syllabus/ Outline of Courses

● 提供できる情報はこのサイトにあるもので全てとなります。
     The information available has been uploaded on this site.

● 履修科目については成績証明書を請求してご確認下さい。
Confirm course you have taken by requesting for your transcript.

2008 and after

You can browse syllabi and outline for each course in the following sites.

Between AY2007 and AY2000


PDF syllabi file for each course is available online.
    Syllabi for courses offered in 1999 and before are not available.
    Some courses do not have a syllabus. In that case see the Course Outline in the Bulletin of the College of Liberal Arts.

AY Spring Autumn Winter
2007 Spring 07 Autumn 07 Winter 07-08
2006 Spring 06 Autumn 06 Winter 06-07
2005 Spring 05 Autumn 05 Winter 05-06
2004 Spring 04 Autumn 04 Winter 04-05
2003 Spring 03 Autumn 03 Winter 03-04
2002 Spring 02 Autumn 02 Winter 02-03
2001 Spring 01 Autumn 01 Winter 01-02
2000 Spring 00
Autumn 00 Winter 00-01

2007-1990年度 年度別教養学部要覧
Yearly Bulletin of the College of Liberal Arts2007-1998


PDF file for the Bulletin of the College of Liberal Arts for each academic year are available here. You can confirm the course outline.
Data of the Bulletin of the College of Liberal Arts for 1989 and before that are not available.

AY English 日本語
2007 Bulletin (PDF) 要覧 (PDF)
2006 Bulletin (PDF) 要覧 (PDF)
2005 Bulletin (PDF) 要覧 (PDF)
2004 Bulletin (PDF) 要覧 (PDF)
2003 Bulletin (PDF) 要覧 (PDF)
2002 Bulletin (PDF) 要覧 (PDF)
2001 Bulletin (PDF) 要覧 (PDF)
Bulletin (PDF) 要覧 (PDF)
1999 Bulletin (PDF) 要覧 (PDF)
1998 Bulletin (PDF) 要覧 (PDF)
1997 Bulletin (PDF) 要覧 (PDF)
1996 Bulletin (PDF) 要覧 (PDF)
1995 Bulletin (PDF) 要覧 (PDF)
1994 Bulletin (PDF) 要覧 (PDF)
1993 Bulletin (PDF) 要覧 (PDF)
1992 Bulletin (PDF) 要覧 (PDF)
1991 Bulletin (PDF) 要覧 (PDF)
1990 Bulletin (PDF) 要覧 (PDF)

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