**ENROLL NOW** Fall 2015

Registration is now open for 

the Fall Season!

We are holding Open Registration

Friday, August 14, 20155-7pm


Friday, August 21, 20155-7pm

Fall Classes Start August 31st!

We have limited spots available for each class, so don't wait too long to reserve a spot for your child!

Why Gymnastics?

GYMNASTICS is a GREAT sport for children of all ages  Gymnastics is unique among sports in that it develops flexibility and strength in all parts of the body as well as coordination, balance and agility. These qualities, necessary for the aspiring gymnast, also form an extraordinary foundation and are the perfect stepping stones for success in all sports. Gymnastics training is based on learning a progression of skills. As the gymnast moves from easy movements to more complex skills, he/she develops a sense of accomplishment and confidence in his/her abilities. The progressive nature of gymnastics teaches a child the purpose and value of setting goals for his/her efforts..... a valuable lesson at any age!


Our Experience Shows!

In-Flight Gymnastics Center has been family-owned and operated in North Haven for over a decade. Brian & Amanda LeRoux are co-owners of the center and reside with their two daughters, Jamie & Lisa in North Haven. At In-Flight Gymnastics Center our commitment goes beyond a child’s physical development. We foster a healthy atmosphere where children build confidence, independence and respect for themselves and others. Our style of teaching also promotes language skills, problem solving and social skills in young people. All coaches are USAG safety certified & USASF Credentialed.


*** Free Trial Class***
Fall 2015
Open Registration/Evaluations 
August 14, 5-7pm
August 21, 5-7:30pm

AGI January 2016!

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