Jeff Mumford - President & Instructor 
Eric Byers - Vice-President & Instructor 

I first learned West Coast Swing in 2005 when I joined Swing Cats at IUPUI.  Soon after, I fell in love with the dance, the competing, and have been feeding my addiction since 2009.  That year I took over as President of the Swing Cats and have had the honor and the pleasure of teaching classes and private lessons in different cities in the midwest.  

I absolutely LOVE this dance because it can be fun, sexy, free, silly, (and my personal favorite) smooth!  You have the ability and freedom to make it whatever you want it to be.  My teaching style differs from most; as I like to focus on concepts to build on techniques and making them applicable to each individual versus premeditated steps and patterns.  I like to help bring out each dancer's personal style that allows them to make their dance fun for him/her.  So if I am ever in a ballroom or studio near you, please don't hesitate to ask for a dance.  Meet me on the dance floor!  

Let's Get It!
Krystal Sambolin - Treasurer 
Marc Carter - Activities Director & Instructor 
Marc Carter started dance at the age of 15.  By 16, he was choreographing multiple dance groups.  Since then, Marc has danced for over 15 years with many of those eyars teaching either ballroom or West Coast Swing.


Marc focuses on body movement, connection, musicality and technique.  He's known for creating an environment that's fun and supportive while moving at a pace that's comfortable but challenging for each student.  Teach out of his home, his studio provides a private atmosphere that's comfortable and relaxing.  Whether your looking to compete or just improve your dance, you'll appreciate the balanced approach and video analysis that comes in every lesson. 


Leah Burkeman - Instructor 



Cary Pettit - DJ and Instructor 
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Carpio Robles - DJ and Instructor 

Alice Hager - Instructor
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I'm Alice Hager and the reason I started to take dance lessons was that dancing was one of my biggest fears just a few years ago!  I used to avoid eye contacts with all men if there was any dancing in the room.  Now I love dancing...dancing has transformed my life and my self-confidence.  I met my husband through dancing! I currently teach WCS for ISDC, Indiana Rebels, and Any Swing Goes.  I have a dance floor at my house in Carmel, and would love to teach privates to the ladies to make them better followers and more stylish in their movements. I speak 3 languages, and I have travelled and lived all over the world.  But Indianapolis is now my favorite home, and the most awsome place to dance!

Mark Burkman - Instructor
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