• What is the age range?
    Dancer ages range from teenagers to senior citizens. Member and guest include individuals from all dance backgrounds (country, ballroom, swing.)
  • Do I need a partner?
    No partner necessary. Singles make up over half our club! During group lessons you will be asked to rotate partners. We feel this will strengthen your dancing skills, while meeting other members of the club.
  • What level are the lessons?
    Basic class includes footwork, timing, lead and follow. The “Basic Six” patterns: Push break, Underarm Turn, Left side pass, Two handed tuck turn, Basket whip, and Basic whip.

    This is the foundation for which we build upon for the Intermediate class. This class will cover variation to the Basic Six patterns learned in the basic class.
  • What type of music will I hear?
    Everything! Quality music representing several genres including today's top hits, blues, funky blues, jazz, funky jazz, soul, funky soul, disco, and a little bit of country. While our main emphasis is on WCS, our music allows for Hustle, Cha-Cha, Night Club 2 Step, East Coast Swing. Click here to listen to a sample of what we play.
  • What should I wear?
    Attire at the club is casual. Dancers should wear clothing that makes them feel comfortable. Your shoes should have leather soles and don’t slip on your feet. Tennis shoes or rubber soled shoes are not recommended.
  • What can I expect?
    You can expect to find a nurturing atmosphere for WCS and other social dances. Also, warm, and friendly dancers that are willing to have fun and teach those who have the desire to learn.