Welcome to the home of the Technology Department for Unified School District 446 in Independence, Kansas!  We are focused on supporting the instruction of young minds in Independence and the surrounding area.  To this end, we have a small team of technology professionals who are working to install, integrate, and maintain technology for staff and student use.  In the times we live in, technology is so pervasive and in-grained in our fabric of life that to not expose our students to it would be irresponsible.  At the same time, we recognize that using technology is not our primary goal - it is to use technology to support learning.  We appreciate feedback from students, staff, and parents on how we can stretch even further toward this goal.

Our technicians support a wide array of technologies district-wide.  From up-to-date labs to classroom carts of laptops and Chromebooks, from Android tablets and Apple iPads to Promethean interactive whiteboards - our belief is that students can learn with the assistance of educational technology.  We provide ongoing training to staff so they can be proficient in a range of technologies that will benefit the young men and women they teach each school day.

We have our eyes fixed on the future as we work to anticipate what will come next for technology in education.  As we do, be assured that we are here to create the best possible learning environment our district can provide.  Go Bulldogs!