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Inductive method

  1. Observation :

Discover what the Bible says

  1. Interpretation:

Discover what the Bible means from the viewpoint of the author

  1. Application :

Discover how you do yourself

Two ways

Inductive method

A priori way

1.      Touch the words with an open feeling

Open your words while keeping in mind what you think is the truth  

2.      I wish to discover

I want to demonstrate what I think is truth

3. I will      draw the conclusion at the end, I do not hold it from the beginning

There is already a conclusion and it supports the part   

Find places

4.      Overall Flow · Learn words according to context

Learn fragmentally the word

5. A      useful way to correct wrong ideas

⇒ I can support even the wrong way of thinking

(Doctrinal theology, others)

6.      Knowing people, unknown people How to easily learn by anyone

⇒ I have full knowledge of the Bible

Can be used only in case

7.      How to tell the truth what is in the Bible

I tell the Bible what is the truth

8.      Handle text objectively

subjectively treat text

9.      Only one interpretation

There are many interpretations

10.                        Biblical standards

Personal ideas are the standard



The essence of the induction approach:

  • Read the Bible itself, not the book about the Bible. 

  • Read the Bible according to the context. 

  • Read the Bible and thrown away the idea of ​​having it in advance. 

  • Asked by God - read the Bible through the eyes of God. 

  • I read the Bible. 

  • I read the Bible. 

  • Anyway, I read the Bible.


Working of the Holy Spirit

A person's response




Focus on obvious things     



Facts and information 


Conform to the context








Start from individual



wrap up


Permanent principle