The thought behind this site is to provide one location for Independence School District Staff to locate resources that they can use in their classrooms and in their lessons to begin to move up through the steps of the SAMR Model to provide engaging lessons for district students.
Digitial Initiative
 In the 2013-2014 school year, the Independence School District Board of Education adopted a 1:1 initiative. With the purchase of 270 MacBook Airs all students in grades 6-12 were given a MacBook to use throughout the school year. At the beginning of the year, the students were required to keep the laptops at school but starting with our Seniors and moving down through the grade levels each grade was given the opportunity to take the laptop home with them at night. We felt that this was a good protocol to follow as the expense of the device and teaching of expectations of using the device were at an utmost priority.

Prior to the students receiving their laptops, teachers were trained on the new Mac platform. (They had previously been using a Windows platform). The teachers had a quick Mac 101 with myself and our Technology Coordinator on how to do some basic things with their new laptop and then they spent a day with an Apple Certified Trainer learning the ins and outs of their new computer.