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Direct Cremation $1500

There are many reasons for choosing cremation. Enlightened consumers are increasingly changing their belief systems and feelings towards the traditional funeral. Cremation is not only a considerate alternative; it is an environmentally responsible choice. 

    Direct cremation may be right in many circumstances, but others may desire additional services. As the specialists in cremation, we can assist you and your family with any arrangement, such as memorial service or traditional funeral with services in a church, synagogue, fraternal lodge, or other facility. Cremation allows for a wide range of personally meaningful options for final disposition of our mortal remains which are simply not otherwise available - scattering, burial or inurnment in a cemetery, or kept at home, are but a few.

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100 years ago Americans handled death at home. Family and friends came together to care for the deceased and comfort the grieving.

    Planning the final arrangements for a loved one is among the most difficult decisions you will have to make.  Indiana Green Burials will conduct the service in your home, church or lodge, saving your family thousands of dollars. 

​  We help families arrange and conduct meaningful funeral services anywhere in Indiana.  Families tell us they are more comfortable at this difficult time, in their own facility.