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Learning at Index School

The Index School District, despite our rural location and size, has been able to find resources and staff that have provided a well balanced, enriching and advanced education to the community children. WASL scores are used to show the current standard of academic success and our scores show our students have superior skills when compared to the state and/or county students. at Index, just having academic skills does not mean you are prepared for life. To that end, we can honestly say, "We have some wonderful citizens in our school." If you are looking for a school with small class size and lots of individualized attention, plus teachers with high human interest lessons, all in a modern school... Index is for you.
Let me share a little something about the Assistance League of Everett, Kitty Young Auxiliary.

They feel there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a smile on the face of child, teen, or adult who's just been given a helping hand. The volunteers of Assistance League understand that a giving heart and simple acts can make a significant difference in the lives of neighbors in need. With this goal, the organization offers several philanthropic programs that help promote the well-being and self-esteem of children, teens and adults.

Giving you that little history is my way of letting you know that the Kitty Young members have selected Index as one of their beneficiaries this year.  Index School kids and staff would like to thank each and every member for taking our little school under your wing.  We are thrilled to know that with your kind donation of $1000.00, our 5-6-7 grade kids are well on their way to camp again this year.  With your kind donation of another $1,000.00 we have new P.E. and recess equipment for all the children to use.  With your donation of lumber, paint and screws we will be able to finally finish the inside of our school gym, which has been a project for many years.  If that is not enough, your generosity runs over as you agree to help us with a field trip this May to none other than Giant Magnet, this year’s International Children’s Festival in Seattle.  We will be attending The Frog Prince –The Smallest Prince in the World (from Korea), The Hobbit (from Germany), and Benn Lanu – We Are One (from Benin/Senegal).

In a time when cuts to education are at a high and future funding looks dim, it is wonderful to be able to write something so uplifting.  If there are words that could let you know how wonderful your kindness is, I am sorry to say I do not know them.  A simple thank you just doesn't feel big enough to show how overwhelmed we are.  Please know that you have given us such amazing gifts—your kindness is truly appreciated.
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