Here's the BUZZZ on spelling.

This year students will have a weekly spelling list dealing with different types of spelling patterns and rules.  We will be working on transferring spelling skills into our everyday writing and becoming better proofreaders.

Weekly Spelling Words

February 8 to February 12, 2016

EM Unit 15: spellings for /er/

Regular List

Challenge List

  1. leaf
  2. leaves
  3. wolf
  4. wolves
  5. potato
  6. potatoes
  7. roof
  8. roofs
  9. family
  10. families
  11. library
  12. libraries
  13. journey
  14. journeys
  15. hero
  16. heroes
  17. ditch
  18. ditches
  19. coach
  20. coaches


 No challenge list.  All students have the regular list.

Weekly Vocabulary Words

  1. No vocabulary this week.

Are you looking for a fun way to practice your spelling words?  Check our our list on Spelling City.  You can play games with the weekly words, test yourself and more.  Enjoy!

The students' spelling list for the week is based on their pretest.  It is possible that students could have the challenge list one week and regular list another depending on how they do with the pretest.  In addition to the 20 words students will also choose 5 words from their high frequency word list to work on.  High frequency words are words that come up most often in student writing.  These are words that students are expected to spell correctly in their day to day writing.