Throughout the school year students will be using the Accelerated Reading program which is computer program which helps students monitor their reading.  Each trimester students will set individual goals to work toward with their independent reading.  You can check out our Reading Honors page to see their progress each term.




Second Trimester



GLE LA.4.01: Students will develop and demonstrate comprehension while exploring realistic fiction.

LA.4.04:  Students will demonstrate comprehension while exploring on nonfiction.

LA.4.06: Students will demonstrate comprehension while focusing on biographies.


LA.4.02: Students will demonstrate comprehension while exploring the mystery genre.


LA.4.04.  Students will demonstrate comprehension while focusing on historical fiction.


LA.4.03:  Students will focus on comprehension skills while analyzing and appreciating forms of poetry.


Links for Students

Need to take an AR test?  Click this link to take you to our Renaissance Place

Favorite Author Sites

Reading Strategies

Read Between the Lines- you can use this prezi to review what inferences are & how good readers use them.

Detective Notebook- go through this game to practice making inferences.

Vocabulary Sites
You can use any of the sites below to help you learn more about your weekly vocabulary words.