Junior Achievement

12/12/14    Sadly, today was our last session of Junior Achievement. 
 It has been an amazing experience for the students, 
thanks to Mrs. Tricia Beatty's wonderful teaching skills!
We discussed the many different ways that we receive news.
Mrs. Beatty brought cookies to celebrate.  Thank you!

Junior Achievement 5

12/4/14    Today the students opened their very own restaurants!  
We learned about consumers, producers, and entrepreneurs.  
It was an exciting lesson that required teamwork.  The students did a fantastic job!
Thank you for always being so organized Mrs. Beatty!

Junior Achievement 4

11/21/14    After learning about banking, deposits, and withdrawals, students played a game.
The game allowed students to work on math skills while realizing how quickly money can be spent!
Thanks again to Mrs. Tricia Beatty for sharing your expertise with the students.  
(Thanks for the pictures as well!)

Junior Achievement 2

11/14/14    Today's session of Junior Achievement was filled with financial terminology.  
Students discussed using cash, credit, and debit to pay for things that they need.  
They also realized the difference between WANTS and NEEDS!

Junior Achievement

11/7/14    Our first session of Junior Achievement focused on zoning 
and what it means to be a city planner.
Thank you, Mrs. Tricia Beatty, for volunteering to lead our Junior Achievement classes!

November 7, 2014