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Breakfast Seminars


                                     Rochester, NY Chapter

                                      Monthly Breakfast Series (2016-2017 season)

                        Locations (See Listing for Talk for Location)  and links for Webinars.

                                           If not listed  with talk invitation , location is  Radisson Airport Hotel -175 Jefferson Road 

                                        Time: 3rd Tue of each month 7:30 am to 9:30 am

                                                               Reservations Required

Registration is free, but reservations are required. To register, send an email to rick@riversorg.com and put IEC   November seminar on the subject line.  A light continental breakfast may  be provided  at the option of the speaker. 


  •  Date: TUE, Sept. 20 2016--Presenter: Dennis R. Roote P.E.

    Location: This to be a Webinar

     Time: 12:00 EST




Upcoming Talks:                                                          Speaker                                                               Topic


Tuesday OCT 18,  2016   7:30-9:30AM                            David Bassett                            Patenting Do’s & Don’t’s.

                                                                                                “Tips  to Effectively Patent Your Invention”

Location - Neighborworks 570 South Ave.  Corner of Averill - Rochester 14620

OK YOu've come uop with a great idea tat is going to set the world on fire.  Howe do you protect your idea so you can monitize that idea?  Getting a patent could be a great tool ut their are some "do's and donts" tat you should know before you try to get a patent.  At this talk you will get the following:

An Overview of the patent system and a (brief) overview of what other intellectual property protection tools are available, som "do's" that are usually necessary to get a patent AND dom dont's that an inventor needs to avoid to keep from making their own invention un-patentable.

Please come to my talk and learn about the pateting system.  Whether patenting is new to you or  you already have a large portfolio to your name you will learn more about inventions and protecting them


Dave has been a Patent Agent registered to practice before the US Patent and Trademark office since 2004 and has experience in optics, acoustics, mechanical, buisness method, computer , chemical and biomechanical utility patenting and design patenting.  Dave has experience with a wite range of services practicing before the US Patent and Trademark Office including filing provisional ; patent applications, non-provisional patent applications, patent cooperation treaty applications, assignment agreements, patent issuance fees and successful patent prosecutions


Nov 15 2016                     Lee Drake                                 Building hybrid cloud environments

Location:OS-Cubed 274 N. Goodman St. Suite A401 Rochester NY 14607

Time: Registration 7:30-8:00 AM Presentation 8-10AM

There is no charge for this presentation . Reservations are required by COB November 11, 2016

 Frequently placing all your eggs in one basket is not the most efficient way to build a corporate ecosystem.  With today’s Microsoft Software as a Service offerings (like Office365), powerful local offerings (like Windows Server and workstations) and cloud based hosting options (like Azure) your best environment is a blended environment that uses the strengths of each of those platforms, while avoiding each one’s pitfalls.


This 2 hour presentation will cover the following topics:

  • ·       Overview of the current Microsoft cloud and local offerings and their advantages and disadvantages. ·
  •   H How to use the strengths of each platform in designing a solution.   
  •            How business continuity fits into the picture
  • ·        Why a strong, manageable network infrastructure is key to fixing these issues
  • ·           Why you need a systems architect to ask you the right questions and design the proper solution for your business needs

Dec 2016                              TBD                                                                        TBD

For Speakers and Presenters

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