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About Us

The Independent Entrepreneurs’ Council (IEC) is a group of independent businesspeople based in the Greater Rochester Metropolitan Area (GRMA) serving customers worldwide but primarily concentrated in New York State.  IEC formed in 2004 to provide a networking opportunity for businesspeople in diverse technology based fields.  Our mission has expanded through the years and we are now dedicated to improving the business climate in NYS generally and the GRMA specifically.


We believe some of the best ways to improve the business climate in NYS are to expand the entrepreneurial spirit and the entrepreneurial education of its citizens.  We support both efforts in several ways.


Entrepreneurial Education:

¨ We support entrepreneurial education for young students and social entrepreneurialism in partnership with organizations such as Risego.

¨ We support franchising opportunities for those who wish to start their own businesses but would like or need the support that an established business can provide.

¨ We provide a monthly seminar series with a variety of speakers and topics.  The speakers are experts in their fields and the topics vary widely from general business topics such as “Forward Thinking Business Strategies for Today’s Business” and “Selecting the Right Franchises for You” to specifically focused topics such as “Basic Vacuum Technologies for the Semiconductor & Optics Industries” and “Troubleshooting Your Cleanroom for Optimum Efficiency”.


Entrepreneurial Spirit:

¨ Working with local media outlets to improve the tone and accuracy of articles on the local economy.

¨ We provide a networking environment where entrepreneurs can discuss issues important to their businesses and obtain feedback and advice.

 To contact us:

 Email info@indentcouncil.org