progressive Christian community that embraces the freedom to explore the mystery of a loving God

Welcome to an Inclusive Christian Community!

A community you have longed for,
but didn't know it could exist.

A new Community for those:

  • Whose faith journey has not been nourished in traditional church settings
  • Who do not fit the "contemporary worship" style of many churches
  • Who struggle with a literal reading of scripture and a legalistic, rigid theology

A Community that:

  • Welcomes your questions
  • Thrives on conversation
  • Celebrates God’s presence, as expressed through Jesus, in all of our diversity

Living the Questions

Weekly Celebration Gathering

Sundays @ 11:00AM

Kadi Fit
19725 Oak Street Mill, Cornelius
(Just behind the Cornelius Police Dept)
 The Mandala captures the spirit of Inclusion Community. Mandalas are ancient meditative tools. As they are created, many individuals work together to create a beautiful picture. The hope is while one works on a mandala, his or her mind connects to the concept of unity and love. Our particular mandala resembles a piece of woven fabric.

Inclusion Community is also a woven fabric of different people, different faith experiences, and different God-language. Yet, we all come together to form a beautiful picture of God's community.

This mandala was created by an Inclusion member, T.Q. 

Inclusion Community is a United Methodist missional community.  

                        Inclusion Community is a Reconciling          
                        Community.  We welcome all to the journey     
                        of faith.