INCAE Brownbag Seminar Series


This is the series' agenda. Feel free to add this calendar to your Google account, or copy the events of your interest to your own personal calendar. 
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Upcoming and Recent Talks

The list below shows the 20 upcoming or most recent talks. If you'd like to present in any of the open dates, please let us know. Older talks are listed here.
February 7, 2019 Krushenka Reyes; Microsoft Microsoft Tools for Academic Research Talk  
August 28, 2018 Jose Vasquez & Isabela Manelici The Causal Effects of Joining Multinational Supply Chains: Evidence from Firm-to-Firm Linkages Research in Progress  
April 26, 2018 Tao Wang, Univ. College London Learning and Innovating: An Exploration of Stage Learning from Drug Development Job Talk Wang 2018 
April 25, 2018 Juan Pablo Madiedo, RSM Capturing the Benefits of Worker Specialization: Effects of Managerial and Organizational Experience Research in Progress Madiedo et al (2018) 
April 19, 2018 Susan Calderón, IE Trendy or Timeless? The Effect of Need for Uniqueness and Pressure on the Choice of Unique Products Job Talk Calderon 2018 
February 7, 2018 Carlos Fernández, NYU Causal Prediction: Treatment e ect vs. outcome estimation Research in Progress Fernandez and Porvost (2018) 
February 5, 2018 Shiv Dixit, Minnesota Essays on Contract Theory and Institution Design Job Talk Dixit, JMP 
February 2, 2018 Conrado Cuevas, Warwick The Pied Piper of Pensioners Job Talk Cuevas, JMP 
January 31, 2018 Mahsa Mermarian Urban Density and Firms’ Stock Returns Job Talk Mermarian, JMP 
June 28, 2017 TBA TBA Research in Progress  
June 13, 2017 Konstantina Tzini, IE Unethical Behavior under Relative Performance Evaluation: Evidence and Remedy Job Talk Tzini, JMP 
April 6, 2017 TBA (Invited by Bernard) TBA Research in Progress  
April 4, 2017 Gabriel Bonilla, PhD en Finanzas, Duke University When the Consequences Precede Rulemaking: The Case of CEO Stock Option Grants Job Talk Bonilla, JMP 
March 24, 2017 Naveen Donthu Journal of Business Research Workshop  
March 22, 2017 Naveen Donthu Journal of Business Research Workshop  
November 23, 2016 Felipe Pérez, INCAE TBA TBA  
November 2, 2016 Alberto Trejos, INCAE Marriage and Home Production in Search Equilibrium Working Paper Bonilla and Trejos 
October 19, 2016 Andrea Prado, INCAE. Eric Poncon, ECOM. Harry Strachan, Mesoamerica.  How to Prepare a Live Case Workshop  
October 10, 2016 Guénola Nonet Job Market Presentation Job Talk  
September 19, 2016 Stefan Gröschl, ESSEC TBA TBA  
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