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  1. Sakine Serap Avgın, Arvīds Barševskis & Uldis Valainis - Umbrella Saproxlic Beetles of a National Park at Kaz Mountain in Turkey
  2. Maksims Balalaikins, Uldis Valainis, Inese Kivleniece, Kristīna Aksjuta, Māris Nitcis, Arvīds Barševskis & Sakine Serap Avgin - The significance of "ecological trees" in maintaining of saproxylic beetles biodiversity
  3. Marco Bardiani, S. Chiari, E. Bussola, M. Tini, I. Toni, G. Antonini, A. Campanaro, A. Cini, E. Maurizi, F. Mosconi, L. Redolfi De Zan, S. Sabatelli, E. Solano, P.A. Audisio, G. Sabbatini Peverieri, P.F. Roversi & F. Mason - Use of bottle traps to detect and assess populations size of longicorns and stag beetles
  4. Hervé Brustel, Eugénie Cateau & Lionel Valladares - Mediterranean wingless saproxylic beetles: angels of forest paradise?
  5.  Jan Budka, Tomáš Kuras & Jiří Schlaghamerský - Saproxylic beetles in a central European floodplain: comparison of oaks in meadows and closed-canopy forests
  6. Philippe Camps & Arno Thomaes - Is the major-minor male dimorphism of the stag beetle (Lucanus cervus) explained by a weaponry and wing investment trade off?
  7. Francesca Della Rocca, Silvia stefanelli & Giuseppe Bogliani - Robinia pseudoacacia as a surrogate for native tree species for saproxylic beetles inhabiting the riparian mixed forests of northern Italy
  8. Francesca Della Rocca, Giuseppe Bogliani, T. Frank Breiner T.F. & Pietro Milanesi - Identifying hotspots for rare species under climate changes scenarios: improving saproxylic beetles conservation in Italy
  9.  Alain Drumont, Hugo Raemdonck, Pol Limbourg, Camille Dekuijper, Loïc Dahan, Camille Locatelli & Patrick Grootaert - The Cerambycidae beetles fauna of the botanical garden Jean Massart (Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium)
  10. Deborah J. Harvey, Rachael P. Harvey, Marcin Kadej, Erik Hedenström, Alan C. Gange & Paul Finch - Use of novel attraction compounds increases monitoring success of a rare beetle, Elater ferrugineus
  11. Colin J. Hawes & Masahiko Tanahashi - Mycangia and associated yeast symbionts in the Lucanidae
  12. Ann Kraut, Valentina Zolotarjova & Asko Lõhmus - Slash harvesting on small, deadwood-rich clear-cuts could be a win-win case for beetles
  13. Alexander V. Kuprin & Dae Am Yi - Distribution and habitat preference of Callipogon relictus (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) in the Russian Far East
  14. M. Ángeles Marcos-García & Antonio Ricarte - Saproxylic hoverflies (Diptera, Syrphidae) from Mediterranean forests of the Iberian Peninsula: implications in biodiversity conservation
  15. Strahinja Mladenović - Influence of Norway spruce on saproxylic beetles in isolated islands of European beech
  16. MIPP - Invitation to the Final European Workshop of the LIFE project MIPP
  17. Jiří Procházka & Jiří Schlaghamerský - Effect of dead wood volume on a community of bark beetles and their predators in montane beech-fir forests
  18. Alex Ramsay, David Harries, Greg Chamberlain, Lucy Emery & Colin Plant - The effectiveness of artificial log piles as a mitigation measure for saproxylic beetles
  19. Davide Scaccini & Matteo Anaclerio - Lucanus cervus (Coleoptera: Lucanidae) sampling during its flight period in North Italy: data from an ongoing survey in an oak forest
  20. 20.  Petr Šípek, Silvia Fabrizi, Jonas Eberle & Dirk Ahrens - Osmoderma is not a member of Trichiini! Or: What can we learn from a molecular phylogeny of rose chafers (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae): mophological and eco-physiological evidence
  21. Arno Thomaes, Alain Drumont, Luc Crévecoeur & Dirk Maes - Flemish Red List of saproxylic scarab beetles (Lucanidae, Cetoniidae and Dynastidae)
  22. Arno Thomaes, Luca Bartolozzi, Alessandro Campanaro, Deborah Harvey, Colin Hawes Marcin Kadaj, Jerzy Karg, Valery A. Korneyev, Marcos Mendez, Bruno Meriguet, Markus Rink, John Smit, Adrian Smolis, Eduard A. Snegin, Eva Sprecher, Wouter Vanreusel & Al Vrezec - Creating a monitoring network for the European stag beetle (Lucanus cervus)
  23. Sam Van de Poel, Arno Thomaes, Alain Drumont & Luc Crévecoeur - Towards a new atlas of the Belgian longhorn beetles (Cerambycidae)
  24. Stefanie Weigelmeier & Jürgen Schmidl – Induced tree hollows in beech trees (Fagus sylvatica L.) in the Steigerwald (Bavaria, Germany): Effects of cavity type, succession and increase of saproxylic Coleoptera visit