Thursday, 21 April 2016

13.00: Bus leaves at Brussels National Airport (Zaventem)

13.30: Optional visit to the Sonian forest (Brussels)

17.00: Bus leaves at Brussels National Airport (Zaventem)

18.15: Bus arrives at Genk train station

Friday, 22 April 2016

8.30: Bus to the symposium leaves at Genk train station

8.45—9.00: Arrival and registration

9.00—9.30: Welcome speech by Maurice Hoffmann (director of Research Institute for Nature and Forest) and Jan Mampaey (director of Provinciaal Natuurcentrum)

9.40—11.00: 1st session: Landscape connectivity and forest management (chair: Kris Vandekerkhove):

  • 1.      Sebastian Seibold & Jörg Müller - How dead wood drives the diversity of beetles on landscapes scales
  • 2.      Christian Hébert - Saproxylic beetle succession in post-fire boreal forest: a scientific basis for implementing sustainable salvage logging policies
  • 3.      Pablo Ramilo, Estefanía Micó & Eduardo Galante - Explaining the diversity of saproxylic beetles associated with managed oak forests in the Iberian Peninsula
  • 4.      Tereza Loskotová, Jiří Brestovanský & Jakub Horák - Saproxylic click-beetles in unmanaged forests of the Czech Republic

11.00—11.20: Coffee break

11.20—12.20: 2nd session: Community ecology of veteran trees (chair: Jiří Schlaghamerský):

  • 5.      Mats Jonsell - Old lime trees (Tilia spp.) in parks and old agricultural land as habitat for saproxylic beetle species
  • 6.      Nicklas Jansson, Staffan Carlsson, Karl-Olof Bergman, Thomas Ranius & Per Milberg - Artificial habitat for saproxylic beetles in hollow trees – 10 years succession of wood mould boxes
  • 7.      Diana Pérez-Sánchez, Estefanía Micó & Eduardo Galante. Some preliminary results of the saproxylic beetle communities associated with two kinds of oaks in the Eastern of Spain

12.30—14.00: Lunch

14.00—15.20: 3rd session: Monitoring and species detection (Chair: Vincent Vignon):

  • 8.      Alessandro Campanaro, L. Redolfi De Zan, M. Bardiani, A. Cini, M. Maura, E. Maurizi, F. Mosconi, A. Zauli, L. Zapponi, G. Antonini, G.M. Carpaneto, S. Chiari, S. Hardersen, E. Mancini, S. Sabatelli, G. Sabbatini Peverieri, E. Solano, I. Toni, P. Audisio, M.A. Bologna, P.F. Roversi & F. Mason - Implementing Citizen-Science approaches in the study and conservation of saproxylic insects: the LIFE MIPP Project
  • 9.      Sönke Hardersen, M. Bardiani, M.A. Bologna, A. Campanaro, S. Chiari, A. Cuccurullo, M. Maura, E. Maurizi, L. Spada, A. Zauli & F. Mason - Monitoring of Morimus asper (Sulzer, 1776) with freshly cut log piles: insights and outlooks
  • 10.  Sarah Rossi de Gasperis, Stefano Chiari, L. Redolfi De Zan, G. Antonini, G.M. Carpaneto, A. Cini, E. Mancini, F. Mason, F. Mosconi, G. Nigro, P.F. Roversi, G. Sabbatini Peverieri, E. Solano & A. Campanaro - Assessing reliable and minimal-invasive methods for the monitoring of the longhorn beetle Rosalia alpina and implications for forest management
  • 11.  Fabio Mosconi, P. Audisio, A. Campanaro, G. Antonini, S. Chiari, S. Hardersen, E. Mancini, F. Mason, P.F. Roversi, G. Sabbatini Peverieri, S. Sabatelli, A. Zauli & E. Maurizi - The use of a sniffer dog to monitor the endangered saproxylic beetle Osmoderma eremita (Scopoli, 1763)

15.20—15.40: Coffee break

15.40—17.00: 4th session: Lessons for conservation and policy (chair: Marcos Mendez):

  • 12.  Keith Alexander - Europe’s wood pastures – rich in saproxylics but misunderstood by conservation professionals
  • 13.  Kris Vandekerkhove, Arno Thomaes, Luc Crevecoeur & Frank Köhler - Past and present of old-growth elements in the Flemish landscape : ‘snags’ and opportunities for saproxylic beetles ?
  • 14.  Ana Nieto - European Red List of Saproxylic Beetles
  • 15.  Christian Monnerat, Sylvie Barbalat, Thibaut Lachat & Yves Gonseth - Red list of Buprestidae, Cerambycidae, Lucanidae and Cetoniidae in Switzerland

17.15: Bus to Genk train station 

18.00: Dinner (MIJN brasserie) and beer tasting (Bierpunt) in centre of Genk (not included in conference fee)

Saturday, 23 April 2016

8.30: Bus at Genk train station

9.00-10.20: 5th session: Genetics and molecular biology (Chair: Gloria Antonini):

  • 16.      Dominik Vondráček, Aneta Fuchsová, Petr Šípek, Dirk Ahrens & David Král - Phylogeography of Protaetia (Potosia) cuprea species complex (Coleoptera: Cetoniinae) in western Palearctic region
  • 17.      Mattias C. Larsson, Mikael A. Molander, Inis Winde, Joe Burman, Franklin Nyabuga, Jocelyn Millar, Larry Hanks, Erik Hedenström, Lars Westerberg, Karl-Olof Bergman & Per Milberg - Standardized toolboxes of saproxylic insect indicator species guiding pan-European long-term conservation efforts?
  • 18.      Mikael A. Molander & Mattias C. Larsson - Pheromone based sampling of threatened saproxylic longhorn beetles (Cerambycidae): a promising new tool in insect conservation biology
  • 19.      Dominik Vondráček, Petr Šípek & David Král - Phylogeny of the genus Oxythyrea and the possibility of the new flower chafer species in Macedonia

10.20—11.20: Coffee break and poster session: POSTERS

11.20—12.20: 6th session: Autecology and morphometrics (chair: Arno Thomaes):

  • 20.      Jana Goyens, Joris Dirckx & Peter Aerts - The ecological costs of adaptations for fight performance in stag beetles
  • 21.      Davide Scaccini - First record of oviposition scars in two European Platycerus species: P. caprea (De Geer) and P. caraboides (Linnaeus) (Coleoptera, Lucanidae), with notes on their host plants
  • 22.      Jörn Buse, Svenja Müßigbrodt, Sebastian Seibold & Jörg Müller - What beetle wings can (not) tell us: relations between wing loading, range size, host specialisation and extinction risk in longhorn beetles

12.30—14.00: Lunch

14.00—15.20: 7th session: Species diversity and interactions in forest (chair: Estefania Micó):

  • 8.      Jiří Procházka, Martin M. Gossner, Roland Brandl, Herve Brustel, Antoine Brin, Heinz Bussler, Christophe Bouget, Elisabeth Obermaier, Ina M. M. Heidinger, Thibault Lachat, Bernhard Förster, Jakub Horák, Frank Köhler, Laurent Larrieu, Ulrich Bense, Gunnar Isacsson, Jörg Brunet, Livia Zapponi & Jörg Müller. Size (and red list status) matters – distance decay of saproxylic beetle communities in European beech forests
  • 9.      Dmitry Schigel & Virve Viertiö - On the wings of bark beetles: Ips typographus and fungal arrival to spruce trees in Finland
  • 10.  Eugénie Cateau & Hervé Brustel - Flightless saproxylic beetles' response to human impact on forest and landscape
  • 11.  Frank Köhler, Luc Crevecoeur & Kris Vandekerkhove - The rich saproxylic beetle fauna of the forest reserve Kolmont (Limburg, Belgium)

15.20—15.40: Coffee break

15.40—16.15: Closing discussion and information on field excursion

16.15—16.45: Demonstration of a detection dog for Osmoderma eremita (by Fabio Mosconi, Italy) and for Lucanus cervus (by Ianthe Terpelle, Belgium)

16.45—18.00: Visit to Bokrijk open air museum or time for informal meetings and networking

18.00: Conference dinner at Restaurant "Koetshuis" in Bokrijk open air museum

21.30: Bus to Genk train station

Sunday, 24 April 2016: field trip to Kolmont and Voeren
8.30: Bus leaves at Genk train station

8.40: Bus leaves at conference place

9.30—11.00: Visit to Kolmont

11.30—14.00: Lunch and visit to Valley of the Berwijn

14.00-16.00: Visit to Veursbos

17.00: Bus stops at Genk train station

17.10: Bus stops at conference place

18.30: Bus stops at Brussels National Airport (Zaventem)