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The congress is organised in Genk, a small former mining town in the north east of Belgium. In the 19th century this Roman town was home to a painters colony as the region was famous for its rural heathland landscapes. At the beginning of the 20th century, the town boomed as the result of the coal mining industry. Nice places to visit in Genk are some old buildings in the city centre, the former coal mining sites and Bokrijk, a large open air museum with more than 100 historic rural houses. The conference dinner will be held at Bokrijk

Provinciaal Natuurcentrum
The meeting will be held at the Provincial Centre for Nature Conservation where Likona has his office. This centre lies at the margins of the city and is surrounded by the 110 ha large nature reserve the Wik. This reserve contains 19 large ponds, home to many water birds, surrounded by oak forest.