Many children are completely engaged by Minecraft. It is a three-dimensional virtual world that enables children to build, explore, create and develop strong problem-solving skills. While for most students this is considered a purely “fun” activity, they naturally develop skills in many areas of STEM, especially within the disciplines of Mathematics and Engineering. Throughout the last year, Inaburra School has received a grant from the Association of Independent Schools in NSW to explore how Minecraft can be used a tool for teaching within the schooling years of Kindergarten to Year 8.

One of the reasons we are passionate about Minecraft as a teaching tool is that it aligns very clearly with the Inaburra Learner Profile at the school. Students need to be knowledgeable and resourceful thinkers as they look to create buildings from limited resources. Minecraft encourages creative and critical inquirers, as they have multiple methods of solving the same problem. We primarily use Minecraft in a  server environment so that students will need to work together to solve problems, thus increasing their capacity to be effective and confident communicators and relational and collaborative contributors. Finally the ability to experiment in the virtual world enables our students to develop their skills in being resilient and responsible risk takers.

The use of Minecraft is part of the Inaburra Makerspace initiative that allows students and teachers access to resources to construct modern    knowledge. These resources are curated in "Pop-up Makerspace" units which can be flexibly used around the school campus. For more             information about Inaburra Makerspace.