Welcome to 2022 updated October 2022 by Julie Chisholm

Premiers Reading Challenge has now finshed.

Gabrielle Wang is the new ACLF Children's Laureate for 2022-23. Find out more here.

Free ACLF audio book for September - My Place by Sally Morgan.

Stage 3 Digital Breakout - refresh the page each week

Using the Library

Search the Junior Library Oliver catalog

You can use Orbit either logged in or not.

To login use your Inaburra login and password.

Start reading and listing books for 2022!

Available for entering books from March.

You will need your PRC login and password. Email or see Ms Chisholm if you don't know it. chisholmj@inaburra.nsw.edu.au

PRC video instructions

K-2 = 30 books read to them, or by themselves

3-10 =20 books read by themselves

NEW! Suggestions of where to get books from the PRC

Online Reading

Years 3-12 online library

Restrictions apply

To login use your own Inaburra login and password.

Story Box Library

For K-2

Login - Inaburra

Password - student


Current Research Topics

References and Bibliographies

Acknowledge the Source

Whenever you use information (from websites, books, pictures, quotes, music etc) that has been written by someone else in your work, you MUST "acknowledge the source". This is also called keeping a Bibliography, or Referencing, or Citing.

To make this easy for you, we have a tool you can use:

*Now that our web page is available outside of Inaburra School, you may not be able to use the automatic SLASA link. If you are an Inaburra student and can't remember the login and password for SLASA please email chisholmj@inaburra.nsw.edu.au

Years 3-5 Use the Junior Bibliography section.

Year 6 Use the Middle School section

then select which type of resource you are using.

Inaburra Libraries exist to resource the school community with information, research assistance and reading opportunities.

We have two Libraries. Please select the section you want below.

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