Gmail Boot Camp

Become productive quickly using the training resources on these pages.
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Log in to your Macquarie Gmail account
Go to: any web browser, select 'Login to Gmail' and then enter your Macquarie University user name ( and password.

You can use your Macquarie University Staff Portal password to log-in to Gmail the first time. If you don't have a Staff Portal password your local IT support staff will provide you with a temporary password so you can access your account.
Watch this quick intro to Google Apps
Google Apps overview Video (3 min): A high-level introduction to Gmail, Google Calendar, and some of the other new apps you'll be working with.

 Start organising your mail

 Managing your Inbox: Gmail Tips and Tricks

(Short clips - 1 hour total) Go beyond the basics to learn strategies for using labels, filters, archiving and Google search to manage your inbox.