X. The Art Glass Line (Imperial Jewels) & Nuart

Imperial's Nuart

Besides Free Hand and Lead Lustre, the only other true "art glass" made by Imperial was its NUART line.  This line was introduced in 1912 and continued to be made into the mid-1920's or later.                                                                       


 A decorated NUART shade. Shades are much more prevalent than vases, with over 400 possible shade color/design possibilities; many times that for vases.




Carnival Glass

Chop Plate




Signed "NUART"


Art Glass Line "Imperial Jewels"

Imperial did have an Art Glass Line,  called Imperial Jewels, but this line is more correctly categorized as iridescent stretch glass.  It was made from 1916 into the 1930's. A few of the pieces in this Line can also be found in both the NUART line (e.g. see the vase with item number 14 shown on page 172 of Vol. I  Imperial Encyclopedia) and in the FREE HAND line (e.g. see Imperial Saleman's Catalog plate for Special Lot No. 1906, specifically the bowls in the two console sets).

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